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Beds are one of the more vital pieces of furniture that make up a home and allow you to relax and get a good night’s sleep. A squeaking, imbalanced, or aesthetically displeasing bed can ruin that feeling, however, leading to stress, back pains, and ultimately reduced productivity. Whether your bed needs to be polished, repaired, rebalanced, or varnished, you can easily hire carpenters and welders near you for guaranteed quality services at your doorstep!

How it Works

Kam Kaj allows you to hire expert repairers at affordable price ranges. You can do so by simply visiting us at Kam Kaj website or download our customer app today and get registered. Then;

  1. Choose bed repair services from the Home and Garden page,

  2. Select your locality,

  3. Elaborate on your requirements extensively,

  4. Kam Kaj will confirm your appointment at least an hour before your preferred time.

  5. Or you can simply fill out the form on the right for one of our customer representatives to contact you and help you hire professionals best suited for your needs.


Visit to diagnose issue


Starting from Rs.500

Wood problem repairs


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Bed Frame Repair


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Iron Bed Repair


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Iron Bed Frame Repair


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Why Kam Kaj?

  • Experienced Repairmen

    Before listing anyone on Kam Kaj, we conduct background checks against all candidates willing to join our team. In these checks we make sure they have no criminal record, are skilled in their field, and focus on customer satisfaction above all else.

  • Wide Network

    Kam Kaj has a vast network of carpenters, welders and other handymen all over Pakistan who are always ready to help you repair your beds at a moment’s notice.

  • Service Guarantee

    With Kam Kaj you get a seven-day guarantee along with an insurance against undue damages of up to Rs 10,000, giving you enough time to inspect our work at your leisure.

Top 5 Technicians In Last 30 Days.

Bed Repair

anwar ul haq  Bed Repair
Anwar Ul Haq

home gardening

Bed Repair

5.0 (5 reviews)

Awais Tahir . Bed Repair


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Post A Job If There Are Numerous Problems In My Bed?

There are no limits on how many issues you can get rectified from Kam Kaj bed repairers. Furthermore, we allow you to get in touch with professionals before you actually hire them so that you can then discuss your tasks in detail and agree on a price.

Should I Pay Anything Upfront?

We advise you not to pay hired bed repairers anything until you are completely satisfied with your bed repairs.

What If I Am Dissatisfied With Kam Kaj Bed Repair Service?

If you have any problems with our bed repair service, we urge you to immediately register a complaint to Kam Kaj customer service. We will conduct a thorough investigation and endeavour to root out the cause of your problem. We will be happy to help you sort it out as quickly as possible.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Bed Repair Service Near Me?

Our service-range extends to all major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi! We offer services from 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week.

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