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If you can’t find the time to maintain your blog regularly, you can lose readership or worse, become irrelevant in the eyes of Google. For expert help with your blog writing, post a job on Kam Kaj and hire professional blog writers today! 

How it Works

Posting a job on Kam Kaj is easy, and can be done in no time. To post a job, 

  1. Choose what you need help with, in this case, blog writing,

  2. Select your location,

  3. Tell us as much as you can about your task,

  4. Select a time-slot that is most convenient for you

Kam Kaj team will confirm your appointment an hour before your chosen time.


Upto 2500 words

Per Blog

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More than 2500 words

Per Blog

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Upto 1000 words

Per Blog

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Why Kam Kaj?

  • Verified Writers

    In order to get listed in our database, all candidates must pass through our writing test and prove their commitment to quality and speed. Once they pass that test, we conduct background checks on each individual so that you don’t get sold a bill of goods.

  • Service Guarantee

    Kam Kaj offers all customers protection of up to Rs. 10,000 against availed services. If you feel that your blog hasn’t been maintained according to your specifications, you can file a complaint on our website. We will conduct a thorough investigation and process your refund as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take for Your Writer to Complete A Given Task?

While our writers do their utmost to give you quality content as soon as possible, it is your duty to mention the due date for your required content. When posting a job, you should make sure that you list the number of words and your content’s due date, along with details about your blog itself.

How Often Should I Update My Blog?

Kam Kaj recommends that you update your blog every week at least, in order to keep your blog “relevant” for Google’s spiders. Kam Kaj’s expert blog writers near you can help you write quality content cost-effectively.

Why Should I Hire Writers Via Kam Kaj?

Kam Kaj has extensive scrutiny processes that can weed out all unprofessional writers easily, allowing only more dedicated ones to pass through. When you hire through Kam Kaj, not only do you get the best writers near you, but also a service guarantee of up to Rs. 10,000!

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