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Getting salon at your home services is now quiet easy with two simple steps at Kam Kaj:

  1. Select your preferred service, e.g., waxing, makeup, or body massage.

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Full body scrubbing


Starting from Rs.2,200

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Professional and Expert Beauticians:

    We assure all our beauticians are trusted, professionally trained, and qualified to meet all your modern salon needs, particularly with reasonable prices and safety measures.

  • Genuine Brands and Imported Facial Products:

    Our expert beauticians use genuine brands and imported facial products when providing the salon services, truly without compromising with the quality of our service.

  • Quick Service

    Kam Kaj truly understands the value of your time, so we provide quick service immediately from the time of your submitting the online form or calling our support service, leaving no chance of any customer inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you properly use body scrub, or what is your procedure for body scrub?

Our Kam Kaj professionals use shower or bath to give you body scrub. We firstly use warn water to ensure your body is soft and wet, after which, the process goes on as usual with hydrating of your skin.

How often do you recommend availing body scrubs?

Our professionals recommend availing the body scrub service 1-2 times a week. It is necessary because your skin is delicate and cannot bear the pressure of it. Our experts firstly try the body scrub service on the small part of your body to ensure a better result afterward.

Are there any specific benefits of availing body scrubs from your company?

Our professionals endeavor in promoting your skin with softer or clearer look. Our process is simple and leads to the removal of almost all dead skin cells. Our service can also give you an enjoyable skin-smoothing benefit, leading to have more relaxation of body afterward.

Do you recommend anything else related to body scrub?

We recommend having body scrub on routine basis as it could lead to the removal of all dead skins cells. We also recommend keeping your skin wet while applying exfoliating body surface on it. You can further start applying a moisturizing body lotion, enabling your body to remain in moisturized condition.

How your beauticians apply proper ways of using body scrubs?

Our beauticians use body scrubs in relieving the dry skin situation. It later supports in exfoliating dry skin while removing the dead skins cells. It eventually leads to nourishing the new skin and fresh skin under it.

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