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Now you can hire a professional car washer via Kam Kaj to wash your car daily. Our car washers can assist you anywhere in Karachi with just one call! You can get expert and dedicated car washers at your doorstep at economical rates. Hiring a car washer online was unprecedented before Kam Kaj!

How it Works

KWith Kam Kaj, you can hire trustworthy car washers at affordable prices. To do this, simply visit the Kam Kaj website and get yourself registered. Then;

  1. Choose Car Washing Services in Karachi,

  2. Tell us your location,

  3. am Kaj will then call to confirm the details about your appointment soon.

On the other hand, you can also fill our quick form or call us for a quick, cost-effective, and personalized solution car-renting solution.


Complete Car Cleaning: Interior and Exterior


Starting from Rs.2,600

Exterior Cleaning: Jet-steam, Tire Shine & hand wash


Contact us for a price

Interior Cleaning: Seat Vacuuming& Mirror Cleaning


Contact us for a price

Interior Polish on Panels, Doors, & Other Surfaces


Contact us for a price

Carpet Shampooing


Contact us for a price

Tri-Coat Hand Wax


Contact us for a price

Leather Conditioner Treatment


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Full Car Cleaning


Starting from Rs.2,500

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Guaranteed Results

    Kam Kaj guarantees desired results after every car wash service. Kam Kaj's car washers perform their work methodically and leave customers marveling over their car's refreshed look after the cleaning session.

  • Credibility

    Kam Kaj's credibility is beyond trustworthy thanks to our dedication. Since Kam Kaj has stepped into the market, we have been winning the hearts of customers by loyal services. Our every service and employee is credible and that’s our unique trait.

  • Wide Network Of Professionals

    Every employee of Kam Kaj, whether it’s a plumber, carpenter or car washer is professional and has the necessary ethics to deal with customers the right way. That said, our professionals are available in many major cities of Pakistan and looking to expand further!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kam Kaj Car Washing Service Reliable?

Yes, Kam Kaj has a network of loyal and expert car washers all across the Karachi. They perform their jobs delicately, efficiently and punctually. Proof of that is the 07-days guarantee we offer and Rs. 10,000 against damages for services rendered.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Car Washing Service Near Me?

Kam Kaj car washers are present all around Karachi. Unlike ordinary car washers, they are well-equipped with the necessary stuff required to wash a car.

What If I’m Not Satisfied With Kam Kaj's Car Wash?

Kam Kaj takes prompt actions against employees who do not perform their jobs honestly. You can register a complaint on our website or call us and concerned authorities will set out to sort the issue out.

How Can I Get My Car Washed Via Kam Kaj?

It has never been so easy to hire a car washer online before Kam Kaj. Just fill out a simple and quick form on our website or call us and our team will contact you beforehand.

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