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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Event Is It?

It is impressive to ask client about event you are planning? But don’t worry KamKaj will help you on every type of events.

What is the Purpose for the Event?

When a customer draws in you as an occasion organizer, the primary inquiry you are to ask the customer is to know the reason for the occasion. The motivation behind the occasion will go far to enable you to decide the perfect office to be utilized for the occasion, the time that will be perfect for the occasion, the nature of projects for the occasion and heaps of different variables that will help shape the occasion into a fruitful excursion.

What is Your Budget?

The following inquiry you are relied upon to ask you customer as an expert occasion organizer is to know the financial plan for the occasion. Regardless of how huge, engaging or educative you need your occasion to be, the spending will decide whether you can accomplish your point. Knowing the financial plan of an occasion as an occasion organizer goes far to help you in arranging viably for the occasion

What Date, Time and Venue Do You Have In Mind?

Another key inquiry that you are relied upon to ask your customer is to know the date, time and scene he/she has at the top of the priority list for the occasion. In spite of the fact that, as an expert occasion organizer you are in the situation to impact the date, time and setting of an occasion however it is as yet fitting to recognize what the customer has at the top of the priority list.

What Do You Intend To Achieve With the Event (Your Goal)?

You are relied upon to likewise ask your customer what they mean to accomplish with the occasion – their objective. Making this inquiry will help in plainly defining an objective for the occasion and adequately anticipating the accomplishment of the occasion.

What Location Would You Like To Host the Event?

In as much as you have the benefit to propose a perfect area for your customer, it isn't strange to know the area they would lean toward for their occasion. You can possibly propose generally on the off chance that you realize that the area they pick won't be perfect for the nature for occasion they mean facilitating.

Do you have any theme In Mind?

Each customer has an affinity for one specific subject or the other. It is thus that you must initially discover what they truly would need as a topic. Realizing this would to an expansive degree enable you to plan enough early for the apparatuses and frill that would be required.

How do you back-up your footage?

Just get one goes at your big day and your mehndi will get just a single possibility at catching it.

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