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Whether your garden needs a one-time mowing, an insecticide spray, or a regular hand to water and maintain the grass, flowers, or other plants, you might need to hire a gardener with years of experience under their belt. If you simply don’t have the time or don’t know how to tackle a certain problem in your lawn, we recommend you hire experienced gardeners from Kam Kaj for a quick and cost-effective solution to all your problems at your doorstep!

How it Works

Kam Kaj lets you to hire gardeners at affordable prices. You can do this by simply visiting Kam Kaj website and getting registered. Then;

  1. Choose Lawn Mowing services from the Home and Garden page,

  2. Choose your location,

  3. Kam Kaj will then confirm your appointment at by calling you shortly

On the other hand, you can fill our quick form for a quick, personalized, and cost-effective solution to whatever you need help with!


Planting and Lawn Care

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Grounds Maintenance

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Garden Designing

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Why Kam Kaj?

  • Experienced Gardeners

    Kam Kaj has an expert human resources team that test each and every individual who wishes to list with us. As for gardeners we make sure they know how to tackle pesticides in lawns, how to maintain each plant, and the frequency of watering them.

  • Service Guarantee

    If you only hire a lawn mower, you can see the results immediately. However, if you hire a gardener who is responsible for all your plants, it might take a while for the results to show up. We offer guaranteed quality services for everyone, with a 07-day guarantee for each task performed.

  • Wide Network

    Kam Kaj has a large number of gardeners listed in its database all over Pakistan, ready to help you enhance your garden with the season’s fresh flowers and fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kam Kaj Gardeners Help Me Trim My Trees As Well As Lawns?

Kam Kaj has a number of gardeners listed in its database. These gardeners can help you with any gardening tasks, such as advice on how and where to plant your new plants, which pesticide to use, when to trim your grass, and so on.

What If I Am Dissatisfied With Kam Kaj Lawn Mowing Service?

If you have any problems with our lawn mowing service, we recommend that you immediately register a complaint with us by calling Kam Kaj customer service. We will immediately dispatch an investigation team and endeavour to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Gardeners Near Me?

Our service-range extends to all major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi! We offer services from 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Commercial Gardening Services Near Me As Well?

Kam Kaj services are not limited just to the residential sector but extend out to the commercial and public sector as well!

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