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How it Works

Getting salon at your home services is now quiet easy with two simple steps at Kam Kaj:

  1. Select your preferred service, e.g., waxing, makeup, or body massage.

  2. Fill our online form and submit.

Kam Kaj support team will shortly contact, confirm, and book your appointment with the expert professionals.

You can also contact us directly at 0304-1111526 to get our manual service.




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Why Kam Kaj?

  • Professional and Expert Beauticians:

    We assure all our beauticians are trusted, professionally trained, and qualified to meet all your modern salon needs, particularly with reasonable prices and safety measures.

  • Genuine Brands and Imported Facial Products:

    Our expert beauticians use genuine brands and imported facial products when providing the salon services, truly without compromising with the quality of our service.

  • Quick Service

    Kam Kaj truly understands the value of your time, so we provide quick service immediately from the time of your submitting the online form or calling our support service, leaving no chance of any customer inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for a conditioner or shampoo?

Yes, we provide expensive, imported, and brand conditioner and shampoo, so we charge a considerably low amount of payment for this service.

Can I get free hair advice?

Yes, when booking online or calling our support team, you can have a free hair advice as to which hair style could be good for you. But this may better be told on the spot depending on your face look and hair condition.

Is color allergy test necessary?

We take every care about your wellbeing and health. To avoid any allergic reaction, our experts will better determine whether you need a color allergy test or not, as the wrong process could result in hospitalization.

Do you remedy the process if I don’t like my hair?

We surely do remedy of the hair styling process if you are unhappy from your hair styling. But we will recommend you to immediately inform our experts on the spot, so we can better provide you quick hair styling remedy service.

What is the best way for growing quick hair?

As a general process, the hairs grow around a half an inch per month. The best way to grow hairs quickly is to get split ends cut off prior of its becoming stranded. It also saves the hairs from getting stopped in the middle while also saving the hairs from further breakage.

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