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Get a celebrity look with the latest styles in hair curls, hair waves, or have a unique one-of-a-kind hairstyle created just for you. Get Kam Kaj beautician's recommendation and learn how to achieve today's latest hairstyles and hottest trends. Find out whether the long, medium length and short hairstyles are to find the best look for your hair length. You can also learn how to re-create an elegant up do or bun. Get inspiration and hair styling tips for easy hairstyles for yourself.

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Services Unit Price
Dye Application (Roots Touch-Up) Each Rs. 1,000
Dye Application (Full Hairs) Each Rs. 2,000
Dye (Roots Touch-Up) Each Rs. 2,500
Dye (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 4,000
Stricking (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 5,000
Ombre (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 3,500
Balayage (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 4,000
Highlights (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 5,000
Rebounding (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 8,000
X-Tenso (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 8,000
Keratin (Shoulder Length) Each Rs. 6,000
Protien Treatment Each Rs. 1,500

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No more than twice a week if you use traditional shampoos.
Yes. Dry shampoos work, just make sure to check the ingredients.
Not always. It’s more important to check out the ingredients of the product, regardless of cost.

More About Hair Treatment

Thinking about trying out hair treatments? Do you want to know what the common advantages treatments are? Or maybe you want to try a deep conditioner and hair mask, but don’t know the variation between the two.

Whatever, your doubt, you’ll find all information you need to know about all types of hair treatments right here. Even the most complex terms are surprisingly easy to wrap your head around once you know the basics.

At Kam Kaj we don't compromise with anything. We use nothing but exceptional products & styling tools to not only achieve the glorious look you desire but also help repair & maintain the health of your luscious locks for a lasting amount of time. 

Your hair gets thirsty just as you do, and we hydrate it for you!

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