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Are you looking for Home Curtain Installation? Don’t worry KamKaj will help you to Get Get Home Curtain Installation services near you within 90 minutes

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  • Choose the service you need by answering simple questions.

  • Choose your time-slot at your convenience. We provide service from 9 AM to 9 PM.

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Curtain railing installation Single rod

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Curtain railing installation double rod

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chick curtain installation

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Blinds installation

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Window curtain installation

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Why Kam Kaj?

  • Expert Home Curtain Installer

    Background checked and highly trained Curtain installer.

  • Service Guarantee
    • 7-days service guarantee post service completion.
    • Customer Protection of up to Rs.10,000 against services
  • Genuine Curtain Installer

    We use recommended Curtain Installer which is defined by our experts.

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of Home Curtain Installation

KamKaj did great work and I am satisfied with KamKaj.
Farzan .

Frequently Asked Questions

What do curtains do to my home decor?

Past confine the windows, long drapes include shading and exterior which is two key segment of a plan. Kamkaj experts can change the look and the vibe of a room, immediately. From a user point of view, we help keep up room temperatures and give protection.

What kind of curtains installations Kamkaj does?

We provide all our curtains are custom made to suite your personality and style, from very elaborate to simple and smart.

I want to redo a room, should I paint first or do the curtains come first?

Kamkaj do like to propose that you get your draperies first. It is a lot simpler to paint a short time later when you have chosen how to deal with one of your key room components, the window.

What is the best curtain to reduce noise?

Go for a Blockout curtain as it will do the best service. Kamkaj will be better at Blocking out the shout than a semi-transparent variation. The blockout understanding is likewise fantastic at keeping out the light and the warmness. In the event that you don't have commotion or warmth issues and we still need light to channel through your texture then we propose picking a semi-transparent texture.

Is it possible to change my order after I confirm the order?

Kamkaj provides as much as we have not begun making the request, the sky is the limit! We will attempt to give a valiant effort, in any case if the activity is as of now cut and ongoing, it is difficult to make your blinds greater or more. In any case, we can trim most window ornaments down for a little charge.

How will you help me stay within my budget?

Kamkaj knowing your financial plan, an extraordinary organizer must to have recommendations on things like settings that are spending pleasant, innovative approaches to spare, and options in contrast to increasingly costly choices to enable you to remain on track all through the procedure.

What about the audio?

What kind of sound device does your mehndi audio have? Kamkaj provides the utilization of amplifiers, however in any case, remember to enquire about the nature of the sound being caught with your video.

How do you back-up your footage?

Just get one goes at your big day and your mehndi will get just a single possibility at catching it.

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