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A kitchen is the hub and lifeline of every house and thus, needs to be properly maintained and cleaned. If there is a clogged pipe in your kitchen, apart from being inconvenient it also invites harmful pathogens into your kitchen and in turn, into your food. Avoiding this is easy with professional plumbers from KamKaj, who can offer you a proper solution for all your kitchen plumbing issues!

How it Works

Kam Kaj has made finding plumbers near you easier with its web page and app. All you have to do is fill the form on this page and wait for a few minutes for our representatives to call you. Alternately, you can also post a job on the site and wait. Posting a job is easy, and can be done by;

  1. Selecting required type of service, i.e., kitchen plumbing services,

  2. Selecting your location,

  3. Answering simple questions about your job,

  4. Selecting your favoured time-slot,

   5. Wait for KamKaj team to confirm your appointment an hour before your chosen time slot. 




Visit to diagnose issue


Starting from Rs.500

Kitchen water pipeline fitting (hot/cold)

Sq ft

Contact us for a price

Kitchen basin/sink fitting


Starting from Rs.1,500

Kitchen gas pipeline fitting

Sq ft

Contact us for a price

Kitchen water drain system installation

Sq ft

Contact us for a price

Kitchen water treatment system replacement


Starting from Rs.5,000

Kitchen water treatment system installation


Starting from Rs.3,000

Kitchen water tank installation


Starting from Rs.3,000

Kitchen tap fitting


Starting from Rs.500

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Expert Plumbers

    All listed plumbers are experienced professionals. To maintain our quality standards, Kam Kaj officials test each individual independently for their knowledgeability, focus on customer satisfaction, and regard for safety measures.

  • Tailored Service

    Kam Kaj allows service providers 90-minutes to reach their undertaken job, after which they are reprimanded. This practice ensures that our customers get timely and quality services.

  • Quality Fixtures & Competitive Price Ranges

    Kam Kaj’s dedicated team survey markets on a regular basis and make sure all our products are genuine and high quality. We also keep a record of each product’s cost, so that no customer gets overcharged. This practice enables us to offer competitive prices on all products.

Latest Customer Reviews

of Kitchen Plumbing Services

excelent service
Excellent Work
Taha Siddiqui .

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Purchased the Requisite Plumbing Equipment. Can I Still Schedule an Installation?

Yes, Kam Kaj can offer installation-only services as well, reducing the cost of work significantly.

I Want To Buy New Bathroom Plumbing Material, Which Company Is The Best?

Unfortunately, Kam Kaj doesn’t offer brand recommendations, nor is it associated with a specific equipment manufacturer.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Any Kind Of Warranty?

Yes, Kam Kaj offers a 07-day warranty on all services provided!

How Long Will It Take?

Depending on the nature of your task, your plumbing job might take from 1 hour up to a few days. However, we always endeavor to complete tasks as quickly as possible.

Do I Need To Explain Details About My Task Before Kam Kaj Professionals Arrive?

You can define your job as much as you’d like online, enabling technicians to give you a good estimate. However, that is not a necessity.

What If There is an Emergency, & I Need a Plumber Immediately?

Kam Kaj has numerous candidates listed in its database at any given time. It is highly unlikely that you reach us when we don’t have someone looking for a new project. If, however, you feel like your emergency is urgent, you can call us for an immediate remedy of your query.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Office Bathroom Plumbing?

Yes, our expert plumbers can help you with all your plumbing needs, be it at home, shops, malls, or offices.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Plumbing Services 24/7?

Kam Kaj operates from 10 AM to 10 PM, however, in case of emergencies you can contact us for help finding plumbers near you quickly.

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