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Kam Kaj provides a wide range of quality services for your residential, corporate, and commercial needs

Bathroom Plumbing Installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Purchased the Requisite Plumbing Equipment. Can I Still Schedule an Installation?

Yes, Kam Kaj offers installation services on pre-purchased plumbing equipment.

I Want To Buy New Bathroom Plumbing Material, Which Company Material Is Best?

Unfortunately, Kam Kaj doesn’t offer recommendations on plumbing equipment, nor is it associated with any equipment manufacturer.

Does Kam Kaj Operate Bathroom Plumbers Near Me 24/7?

Kam Kaj offers bathroom plumbers near you from 10 AM to 10 PM; however, exceptions can be made in special cases*. For further information, you can contact us. *extra charges may be applicable

Do You Provide Any Kind Of Warranty On Your Work?

Yes, Kam Kaj offers a 07-day warranty on all services provided!

How Long Will It Take?

Depending on the nature of your task, it might take from 1 hour to a few days. However, we always endeavor to complete tasks as quickly as possible.

Do I Need To Explain Details About My Task Before The Professional Arrives?

You can define your job as much as you’d like online, which will enable the professional to give you a good estimate. However, that is not a necessity.

What If There is an Emergency, & I Need a Plumber Immediately?

Kam Kaj has numerous candidates listed in its database at any given time. It is highly unlikely that you would reach us when we don’t have someone looking for a new project. If, however, you feel like your emergency is urgent, you can call us for an immediate remedy of your query.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Office Bathroom Plumbing?

Yes, our expert plumbers can help you with all your plumbing needs, be it at home, shops, malls, or offices


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