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Kam Kaj provides a wide range of quality services for your residential, corporate, and commercial needs

Complete Office Cleaning

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Chair Cleaning

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Floor Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

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Sofa Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

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Kam Kaj has several in-house cleaners available for residential and commercial sectors. You can avail of our commercial cleaning services for dusting, sweepers, wiping, or tank cleaning.
Our range of services is extremely versatile and cost-effective. Be it complete office cleaning, floor cleaning or polishing, roof cleaning, web-removal, or any other cleaning service.
We send in-house and trained curtain cleaners to your home office so that your job is completed the right way and at the right time. Our cleaners pass through extensive scrutiny processes before joining Kam Kaj so that you can let them enter your property with complete peace of mind.
If you have any problems with our cleaning service, we recommend that you immediately register a complaint with us by calling Kam Kaj customer service. We will immediately dispatch an investigation team and endeavor to solve your problem as quickly as possible.
We provide commercial cleaning services near you from 10 AM to 10 PM all over Karachi and Lahore, but soon we will expand our services to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can call us for further information.


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More About commercial cleaning

Dirt, grime, and oil stains can make your workplace look ancient and dull than it is, while a little bit of commercial cleaning can remodel its appearance. This is where Kam Kaj commercial cleaning comes in.

At Kam Kaj commercial cleaning we use powerful systems to get and keep buildings looking good all the time – not just the first week!

We’re so confident you’ll be thrilled with the consistent professional-level commercial cleaning we deliver, that you wouldn’t think of something else.

If you are concerned about the possibility of irrigating damage in your home, it may reduce your fears to know that you are prepared. 

Most moist damage is caused when water sits around. During this time, it can soak into floors, walls, structural wood, cabinets, and ceiling drywall. This moisture weakens everything it touches, and continues to weaken it the longer it sits around.

This is why Kam Kaj has technologically advanced equipment to ensure rapid mildew removal. Once the reservoir is removed, Kam Kaj will set up more equipment to help dry the areas. This is extremely important in mold reduction.

Mildew, mold, and other harmful bacteria can quickly grow in moist climates. For this reason, it's important to always wear protective gear when entering a home or building with water damage.

Mildew damage repair is best left to professionals, as there are many aspects of a home or building that may be damaged, yet it is unseen. Professionals know what to look for and have specific tools to test the safety and security of the building.

Fight hard against bacteria at your workplace, restaurant, or office space with a Kam Kaj Commercial Sanitization Cleaning service, which goes beyond the range of a standard cleaning service. Kam Kaj professional cleaning service has the best disinfecting cleaning supplies and they come equipped with masks and gloves to sanitize your commercial space.


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