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Kam Kaj provides a wide range of quality services for your residential, corporate, and commercial needs

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Window cleaning charges depend on how many windows you have, and the types of windows that you would like to clean.
Kam Kaj is providing window cleaning services for residential and commercial sectors. It can either be detergent cleaning with a gloss or matte finish or scrub to fine-tune any rough finishes. You can also ask our professionals to help you get rid of scratches on your windows.
We use hi-tech cleaning equipment and branded products to give your windows the best streak-free clean possible.
We provide residential & commercial window cleaning services near you from 10 AM to 10 PM all over Karachi and Lahore, but soon we will expand our services to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and all the major cities of Pakistan. You can call us for further information.
It depends on how many windows you have. Do you want both inside and outside cleaned? Do you have high windows that will require a ladder? Do have screens you’d like cleaned?


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More About window cleaning

If you are considering having your windows cleaned, then be sure to make your stop at Kam Kaj app or website first. While you might be persuaded to get out your equipment and try and try to clean up your windows or blinds and curtains yourself, it is best to remember that there are specialists for these services.

Even the slightest error of analysis can turn your efforts into a costly DIY disaster. If you have got multiple windows, having an expert eye on the job is even more crucial. cleaning window shades and window curtains is a time-consuming task which you might not have.

And if you don’t have the right tools for the job, do you really want to splurge on technical equipment that you are probably only ever going to use once?

Kam Kaj has been in the business for a while now, and all our professional window cleaners. With our knowledge and experience, your window will not only be sparkling clean after each treatment but give an impressive impression.

Window cleaning is a profession and an art that requires training and dedication. Kam Kaj is committed to providing excellence and professionalism always so that our customers can be confident that they trust Kam Kaj for all window cleaning.

Your house or office windows need cleaning. Again. The dust has gathered on the windowsills and shelves, the glass is full of dirty marks, the window sills feel sticky and are full of stains.

You try to keep it clean, but life is just too hectic.

With a full-time job, a family to care for, or any other obligation - you are left with hardly any time and hardly any energy to clean the windows. You are at loss at what to do.

What should you do, indeed? Well, maybe it's time to consider some outside help. Maybe it's time to call our highly professional house cleaning service. It is time to book Kam Kaj services to make your life easier as it should be.


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