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Need Massage For Women

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A quick massage can help your joints let go of the stiffness caused by stress and use, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and reenergised. To get professional massagers with an in-depth knowledge of all there is to know about the human anatomy, hire professionals from Kam Kaj today!

How it Works

With Kam Kaj you can hire experts at affordable prices. To enjoy our serene message service, visit Kam Kaj website or download the customer app today and get registered. Then, simply;

  1. Choose a service – massage for women near me in this case,

  2. Input your location,

  3. Explain your requirements,

Kam Kaj team will then confirm your appointment shortly. You can also choose to contact us via call or email to get a more personalized locksmith service.


Full Body Massage (60 Mins)


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Full Body Massage (90 Mins)


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Hot Oil Application (15 Mins)


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Head Massage (60 Mins) + Scrub (60 Mins)


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Body Waxing


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Classic Pedicure


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Classic Manicure


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Why Kam Kaj?

  • Professional Massagers

    Serenity is the essence of life, giving meaning to what you do and why you do it. That is why Kam Kaj only lists professional and talented massagers into the system. How do we know they are awesome at what they do? Let’s just say that someone in the HR department had a fun time judging each massager’s technique!

  • Guaranteed Relaxation

    Each professional listed in our system knows what they’re doing. This professionalism lets us promise users utmost relaxation and thus, bang for their buck!

  • Vast Massagers Network

    We have a widespread network of massagers ready to help you relax. You can find experienced massagers for women via Kam Kaj in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and many other major cities in Pakistan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kam Kaj Offer Message For Women Near Me As Well?

Yes, Kam Kaj offers affordable massage services all over Pakistan. You can either buy the material (oils, fragrances, sheets, etc.) yourself or ask one of our massages to buy it for you.

How Much Would A Good Massage At Home Or Office Cost Me?

The cost of each massage depends highly on the type of massage you want done and how extensive you want your massage to be.

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