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Why Kam Kaj?

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    Background checked and highly trained Mehndi Event Planner.

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    We use recommended Mehndi event planner which is defined by our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost of the average Mehndi Event plan?

Kamkaj checks their scope of expenses and on the off chance that they have base mehndi expenditure, they'll work with. This is an honest method to measure whether they're inside your value run or, in the event that you haven't set a financial plan yet, Kamkaj can give you a thought of what your financial plan would be.

What sorts of services do you require?

It's not in every case clear from their site or starting meeting what exactly their planners are, Kamkaj provides clarification of the kinds of ways they can assist you with your mehndi event arranging. This information will make it less difficult to choose what sort of organizer would be best for you.

If you do both design and coordination, what is your main specialty?

Determine their solid point, in the event that they have one. On the off chance that you need one more than the other, at that point we provide handy experience in just that, yet on the off chance that you need both coordination and configuration help, you should discover somebody who has an equivalent equalization.

How many mehndi events have you planned?

Mehndi plain experience is an absolute requirement, Kamkaj provides perfect world you'd need somebody who's arranged no less than a couple, yet ideally a great deal of them. It's extraordinary in the event that they've likewise arranged gatherings and corporate occasions, yet it's not equal.

Have you planned any other mehndi at our site?

On the off chance that we arranged a mehndi event at your scene previously, it's an important reward they're likely comfortable with the occasion staff, design and coordination, which can enable things to go all the more easily. They may likewise have open proposals or plan thoughts they've gained from working in the space previously.

How will you help me stay within my budget?

Kamkaj knowing your financial plan, an extraordinary organizer must have recommendations on things like settings that are spending pleasant, innovative approaches to spare, and options in contrast to increasingly costly choices to enable you to remain on track all through the procedure.

What about the audio?

What kind of sound device does your mehndi audio have? Kamkaj provides the utilization of amplifiers, however, in any case, remember to inquire about the nature of the sound being caught with your video.

How do you back-up your footage?

Just get one goes at your big day and your mehndi will get just a single possibility at catching it.

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