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Broken Microwave glass door can leak energy, leading to drastic impacts on your health. While it might cause nausea and light headedness in the short term, if left unchecked for long, microwave energy can deform your cells and might cause cancer, organ failure or other unhealthy impacts on your body. In order to make sure nothing of the sort happens, we recommend you hire professionals from Kam Kaj for quick services at your doorstep!

How it Works

Kam Kaj offers all customers and service providers a convenient platform to bridge the gap between them. This makes finding a microwave oven repairer near you easier than ever. You simply have to;

  1. Select microwave oven repair,

  2. Choose your location,

  3. Explain the details of your job such as the problem you are facing, your unit’s model number, etc.

  4. Select your favoured time-slot,

And that’s it! One of our customer representatives will contact you immediately to confirm your appointment.

You can fill the quick form on your right as well to be contacted by one of our representatives, and help hiring the repairer best suited for you.


Microwave heat problem issue


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Microwave door issue


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Microwave plate spin issue


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Microwave buttons issue


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Microwave runs and then stops issue


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Sparking inside microwave issue


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Starting from Rs.500

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Verified Professionals

    At Kam Kaj, everyone we list for microwave oven repair gets thoroughly evaluated in all manner of service, including knowledgeability, professionalism, and regard for safety and customer satisfaction. This gives us the ability to make sure that we give our customers high quality service. Each professional has years of experience for microwave oven repair under their belts, be it from microwave oven repair service centre, or microwave oven repair shops.

  • Competitive Prices & Quality Work

    Kam Kaj has a team of experienced surveyors who keep a sharp eye on the market. This is to make sure that the parts our service providers carry are all high quality and cost-effective. This extra bit of effort on our part ensures that no customer gets overcharged. We make sure that you are given competitive microwave oven repair cost and not an inflated one.

  • Insured & Guaranteed Service

    Kam Kaj serves to facilitate every customer, treating them with respect and regard. Kam Kaj offers you a 07-day post-service guarantee on all work done, on top of a damage-insurance of up to Rs 10,000. This serves to prove the efficiency of our listing process and in turn our professionals. All you, as a customer, have to do is post a job and relax.


Microwave Repair

Muhammad Arif Siddiqui Microwave Repair
Muhammad Arif Siddiqui


Microwave Repair

5.0 (69 reviews)

Furqan Ahmed Microwave Repair


ALI Ahmed . Microwave Repair


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Microwave Oven Repair Services Does Kam Kaj Offer?

Kam Kaj offers a plethora of services, including various microwave oven repairs in Pakistan, a list of which can be seen above. That said, if your can’t find your problem listed above, you can tell us all about it when posting the job. Our services aren’t only restricted to the residential sector but extend to the commercial and public sector as well!

Why Should I Hire Microwave Repairmen from Kam Kaj?

Kam Kaj has quality and reliability as its core principles among others and thus aims to provide maximum utility to all, service provider or customers alike. We closely monitor our repairmen across major cities of Pakistan, promising quality over a much wider area and making Kam Kaj a viable choice for all.

Does Kam Kaj Offer Microwave Oven Repair Near Me 24/7?

Kam Kaj offers its microwave oven repair across many major cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi from 10 AM to 10 PM; however, exceptions can be made in special cases. For further information, you can contact us.

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