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Need TV install and Repair

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A crisp and clear picture is important for a pleasant viewing experience. If you need to mount a new TV, or are experiencing problems with your existing one, hire professional repairmen from Kam Kaj today!

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Verified Repairmen

    We take extensive steps to ensure that we hire knowledgeable and expert staff. These steps include testing their capabilities, and overseeing their initial tasks. This practice allows us to maintain high quality standards and be associated only with professional TV technicians.

  • Service Guarantee

    Although our services are top-notch, everyone makes mistakes. We overcome any possibility of said mistakes by offering a 7-day post service guarantee to all customers, where we fix any complaints you may have regarding our work free of cost!

  • Genuine Parts & Cost-Effectiveness

    Our expert surveyors continuously inspect markets for genuine replacement parts and low costs. This enables us to give you high quality products and competitive prices when looking to repair or install your TV.

How it Works

In order to hire professional TV technicians near you, simply register yourself and post a job on Kam Kaj. Posting a job is easy, and can be done by;

  1. Choosing your desired service, in this case, TV install and repair,

  2. Selecting your location,

  3. Explaining your needs on your post as much as possible,

  4. Kam Kaj team will confirm your appointment when a technician undertakes your task.



Visit to diagnose issue


Starting from Rs.500

No video issue


Contact us for a price

Bright lines in video issue


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No audio or intermittent audio issue


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Delay in display issue


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Remote issue


Contact us for a price

Strange video issue


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USB / other connector issue


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Power cable issue


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TV install and Repair

Muhammad  Ali TV install and Repair
Electronic Devices Repair

TV install and Repair

5.0 (2 reviews)

Syed Iqbal Mahmood . TV install and Repair


Tahir Shahbaz . TV install and Repair

Muhammad Aleem TV install and Repair

TV install and Repair

4.9 (13 reviews)

Fasih Rehman . TV install and Repair


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Kam Kaj’s TV Technicians Take to Mount My Unit?

It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes for a skilled TV technician to mount your TV, however, it can take longer as well due to certain unforeseeable conditions, such as a brittle wall or an electricity blackout.

Can Kam Kaj Help Me Repair a Broken TV Screen?

Kam Kaj TV technicians can offer a wide range of services, including those mentioned above. Yes, we can replace broken LCD and LED screens quickly and at affordable costs.

How Much Would It Cost to Install or Repair My TV?

The cost of mounting or repairing your TV depends on your unit’s model and complexity of your task. You can get a free quote on your job via Kam Kaj.and Rawalpindi.

What Happens if I Ignore Minor Cracks in My TV?

Minor issues in TVs such as a small crack on screen decreased sound or video quality, or discoloration of screen can lead to major issues in performance of your unit in the long run. Where it would cost a few hundred rupees to repair your unit now, it could potentially cost you thousands later on! Kam Kaj recommends hiring one of its listed experts as soon as you see any problem with your TV.

Do You Offer TV Mounting and Dismounting Services?

Other than installing or repairing any problems in your TV, Kam Kaj technicians can also dismount your TV for unit replacement, or if you wish to mount it somewhere else.

What Should I Do if I Am Dissatisfied with Kam Kaj’s TV installation or Repair Service?

If you aren’t satisfied with Kam Kaj’s installation or repair services, you can file a complaint with Kam Kaj customer service. We offer a 07-day guarantee on our work. We will be more than happy to help you out with your queries.

Should I Buy A New TV or Get My Old One Repaired?

If there is a fault in your TV that can’t be repaired, such as bodily harm, fried motherboard, or multiple issues at once, you might be well-advised to buy a new TV if repair costs for such issues are almost equal to a new unit’s purchase cost. However, keep in mind that Kam Kaj experts can give you competitive costs for all your repairing needs.

Does Kam Kaj Offer TV Installers or TV Repairers Near Me?

Kam Kaj’s range of services extends to all major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi! We offer TV install and repair services from 10 AM to 10 PM.

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