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Pamper yourself with our full range of on-demand Kam Kaj 'Home Salon Service' for women. Kam Kaj expert beauticians create a salon-like ambiance at home so you can enjoy elegant beauty services at home. Exclusively tension-free of timing and relief from traveling.

These services are only active in Karachi.

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Kam Kaj provides expert salon services right at your doorstep. Our expert beauticians create a salon-like environment in your home so you can enjoy salon service, absolutely tension-free, at your convenience.

Why Kamkaj

Why Choose Kam Kaj Home Salon Services

Kam Kaj provides a full range of on-demand 'Home Salon Services' for women. Our expert beauticians are trained to create a salon-like environment right in your home so you can pamper and take time for yourself with Kam Kaj salon service. Absolutely, free of hassle and save your time.

100% safe for your skin and hai
100% Safe For Your Skin And Hair

Our in-house expert beauticians use high-quality and imported products that are 100% safe for your skin and hair. With Kam Kaj home salon service there is no compromise.

Expert Beauticians
Kam Kaj In-House Expert Beauticians

We handpick only top-tier professionals, ensuring all our beauticians are highly trained, vetted, and experienced.

Trust and Safety
Kam Kaj Provides Trust and Safety

Customer safety and satisfaction are our top-most priorities. We employ rigorous health and hygiene standards alongside industry-leading safety protocols.

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Get all the professional salon services in the comfort of your home.

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More About Salon At Home

Treat Yourself with Best Home Salon Service

There are many benefits of home Salon Services including it saves your time, booking any service is quick and easy, prevents traveling hazards, and most importantly you get pampered in the comfort of your home.
Let us explain a few benefits you should consider when booking a Kam Kaj Home Salon appointment. 

It Saves Your Valuable Time: 

Doorstep beauty salon services saves your precious time to find the right salon for yourself and then following up for an appointment. You can avail Home Salon Services in your free time without getting stuck in traffic jams.


Is there any place more comfortable than your home? So why visit a salon, when you can bring salon at home. Our home salon services allow you to get beauty treatment whilst reading a magazine or book, watching TV, and listening to music. 

Easy and Convenient Appointments: 

It's easy to book a Kam Kaj Home Salon appointment. You can book Kam Kaj beautician by filling out a form on our app or by just a call. You can easily and quickly select the date and time of appointment as per your schedule.

Undivided Attention

In a salon, there are many more clients to take care of with you, and you will often notice, especially during the festive season, that the beautician will rush to complete your treatment as many other clients are waiting. It does not happen at a home Salon, where you will get undivided attention and exclusive care. 


Kam Kaj home salon services can also save you a lot of money. Our self-care services are cost-effective than conventional salons. You don’t have to travel to the salon and eventually you’ll save the traveling cost. Also, you will get amazing weekly, monthly, or festive discount offers.

Quality Products: 

Kam Kaj offers imported and premium lines of products that you will not find in most local salons. We use high-quality, top-notch products that are 100% safe and suit best for your skin and hair.

Post Treatment Showers:

Many beauty treatments, such as body scrubs, massages, waxing, etc, can leave anyone feels like taking a quick shower, and they need to endure this feeling for as long as they are arriving at home. Home salon services make it convenient for you to hop the shower instantly right after the beauty treatment. 

Customers’ Safety: 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is safe to stay at your home and avail of doorstep services. We are providing expert home beautician services with all the safety precautions. Customer safety and satisfaction are always our top-most priority. Our in-house beauticians are background verified and we follow strict safety and hygiene standards.