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How it Works

With Kam Kaj hiring trustworthy cleaners at affordable prices is easy. Simply;

  1. Select your required service, e.g., tile and marble scrubbing,

  2. Fill our form and submit.

Kam Kaj support team will call shortly to confirm your appointment. You can call us directly at 0304-1111526 for a quick, personalized, and cost-effective solution.


Tile cleaning

Sq ft

Starting from Rs.20

Marble cleaning

Sq ft

Starting from Rs.20

Tile polishing

Sq ft

Starting from Rs.25

Marble polishing

Sq ft

Starting from Rs.25

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Experienced Deep Cleaners

    We only hire cleaners who have extensive field experience and cleaning training.

  • Detailed Services

    Our professionals clean and scrub every nook and cranny of your place in detail so that it shines like new!

  • Latest Equipment

    We use high quality and branded cleaning equipment such as pressure hoses, deep scrubbers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Floor Cleaning Kam Kaj Do?

You can hire Kam Kaj for any floor cleaning services including tile cleaning, marble cleaning, tile polishing and marble polishing for your office and home. We provide service in all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Why I Should Hire A Floor Cleaner From Kam Kaj?

We find floor cleaners near you and connect with you for your cleaning needs. These local floor cleaners pass through the scrutiny process before joining Kam Kaj. Our call center monitors their progress on a daily basis which is collected using various methods.

How Much Time Will It Take To Clean My House Floor?

It depends on the number of services you select and the size of your house(number of rooms). At the time of posting your job, we give you the fair idea of the duration of service. On an average house, floor cleaning takes about 5 hours.

I Only Want My Roof Cleaned. What Should I Do?

Yes, you can post a job to get your roof cleaned from Kam Kaj web or app. Apart from many options available, you can simply go for roof cleaning services.

Before Actual Hire Can I Get Floor Cleaning Services Free Estimate?

Yes, you can post a job to get floor cleaning service free estimate from Kam Kaj before hiring. You can review the free estimate and further proceed to hire a service.

Does Kam Kaj Provide Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Near Me?

Yes, We provide commercial cleaning services in your area. Most of Kam Kaj professionals are certified professionals with a ton of experience.

I Need A Floor Cleaner For My Office. Is This Possible?

Yes, you can book a floor cleaner from Kam Kaj web or app for your office floor cleaning work as well.

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