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Our Core Principles

Kam Kaj, formed in 2017, had one core principle to begin with – enhancing quality of life for all, be it a consumer or a service provider. We aim to achieve this objective by giving service providers and customers a common ground where they can find each other without having to worry about trustworthiness and quality of work.

This single principle transformed into many, where now we focus not only on improved lifestyle for the citizens of this good country, but also to hopefully eradicate unemployment, encourage reliability and dependability among the people, and make a positive impact on our overall economy!

Ensuring high quality and reliability.

Our Mission

When we set out to sculpt Kam Kaj, we were of the idea that simply providing a basic platform where customers can meet service providers would be enough, however, we soon found out that this couldn’t be further from the truth! We learned that we also need to ensure high quality and reliability – something we could only do by scrutinizing each and every individual thoroughly.

At Kam Kaj, we are continuously improving our techniques and processes, inching closer to our mission each day - leaving our customers and service providers completely satisfied once the job is complete.

Our company

Kam Kaj is formed with the idea of giving all an improved and worriless lifestyle for all, promoting trustworthiness and goodwill.

Our Vision

We aim to stand tall as the company that revolutionized Pakistan’s home improvement sector, as well as its economic stability!

Our Passion

We are passionate about our goals and are always willing to go the extra mile to give users the experience they yearn for & deserve!

What Kam Kaj Does

At Kam Kaj, we take pride in our consistent high quality of services and guarantee against work done, all of which is possible only because of our carefully articulated processes and our strict adherence to it. At Kam Kaj, each professional;


Extensively tests & confirms every contractor before listing them


Goes through the criminal background check for all contractors and employees


Eliminates the hassle of obtaining multiple bids from all over the city


Requires each contractor to offer a 7-day workmanship warranty against their services


Monitors all projects from beginning to the end, providing valuable insight all the way


Lets you track your projects every step of the way, ensuring you get the best service possible