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Smart hiring on Kam Kaj is safe and sound. Read how Kam Kaj tackles the element of safety for its members.

Review the Pro’s profile

  • Customer reviews

    Kam Kaj profiles are designed to give you helpful information to hire the right Pro. So take a look through:

  • Business information

    The profile gives the Pro a chance to tell you about their business —and explain why you should hire them. You’ll see things like pictures of their work, a description of their business, why they love what they do, a link to their website and how many times they’ve been hired on Kam Kaj.

Learn more about the Pro

  • Ask questions.

    We make it easy to talk a Pro. So ask as many questions as you need, and tell them exactly what you’re looking for. You might want to ask about:

    • pictures of past work
    • references from past customers
    • if the Pro plans to subcontract any of the work

    You can also send a Pro pictures of what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to schedule a phone call again or an in-person meeting.

  • Research.

    It’s always worth seeing what other information you can find about a Pro you’re considering.

Plan ahead to make sure the job is done right

  • Set expectations in writing.

    A written agreement is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same page. Include details like the who, what, where, and cost of your project.

  • Agree on payment.

    Especially for high-value projects and limit your down payment. Consider making payments during the project contingent on completion of defined amounts of work.

Think through insurance, guaranty, permitting, and licensing

  • Verify insurance if possible.

    Something unexpected may happen during your project, so check your insurance policies to make sure you’re covered.

  • Get permits and check licensing.

    A Pro’s license requirements (or whether permits are required for your project) depends on the laws of your city and state, and what kind of project you’re hiring for. Contact your state or local government about specific questions.

  • Ask for guaranty.

    Before event starting your project ask for a guarantee and once project is done remind them try to get this in written.

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