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How Kam Kaj Pro App Works

There is no membership fee or cost to you to get leads.

1Download Pro mobile app
You must download our Pro mobile app from App Store or Play Store on your smart phone to get started
2Get a Pro account
It takes only 15 minutes to create your business profile, add your services and work area, upload and send us required documents.
3Get leads in your area
Customers at Kam Kaj looking for nearby service professionals. Once there is a match with your profile we will send you cost-free leads.

What is Kam Kaj Pro?

Kam Kaj Pro. is a loyalty program for professionals like you. It's free to join and gives you access to purchase tracking, special savings, qualified job leads and more.

How much does it cost to join Kam Kaj Pro?

There is no membership fee. It’s free to join kamkaj as pro send quotes to customers. You only pay when an interested customer reaches out to you for the first time. This can include the customer sending you a message, scheduling a call or appointment, calling you, or marking you as hired. You have to pay decided amount you charge to customers.

How long does it take to process my documentation?

You can expect your CNIC, licensing and insurance documentation to be validated within 24 hours. Security clearance takes about 72 hours.

How many leads will I get with Kam Kaj Pro?

The number of leads you receive are determined by a variety of factors, including how many services you provide, the number of areas you do business in, as well as your performance on Kam Kaj — such as how quickly you respond to customers, and how they rate you on the work you perform.

Where do my leads come from?

Your leads are generated from a few different sources: in Kam Kaj customer mobile app when customers are looking for a local service professional, as well as online at kamkaj.pk.

Will I be competing against other Pros for the same job?

Yes. Our customers are looking for a few options to make an informed choice. We show all Pros like you for a specific area when customer is looking for services.

Do my employees need a background check?

Kam Kaj only checks the background of the person applying. It's up to each business owner to determine the appropriate compliance for their employees.

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