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Kam Kaj provides a wide range of quality services for your residential, corporate, and commercial needs

Tile Cleaning

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We offer best floor cleaning services including tile cleaning, marble cleaning, tile polishing, and marble polishing for your office and home.
We use the most advanced equipment, machinery, and imported products for ultimate floor cleaning. Our floor cleaners pass through the scrutiny process before joining Kam Kaj.
Yes, you can call us download Kam Kaj App to get your roof cleaned from Kam Kaj. Apart from the many options available, you can simply go for roof cleaning services.
Yes, you can call us for cleaning services and we will tell you the estimated amount you will be charged based on the provided information.


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How To Get Your Home Clean Before Eid

Kam Kaj Writer 12/07/2021

More About floor cleaning

Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Cleaning of floor is important in order to remove allergens, in particular dust and invisible life-threatening bacteria, to remove grit and sand which scratches and wears down the surface. Also, to remove dirt and stains which in long term become permanent if not cleaned on time. Kam Kaj provides solutions to all your floor cleaning services. Whether you want to get tile or marble cleaning, or you want tile polishing and marble polishing, our services are just a call away.

Why Opt for Floor Cleaning?

A clean floor always gives an impression of a clean house and a professional office. If your floor has gotten some stains over the years, it’s high time you get floor cleaning services done. Moreover, often tiles or marbles lose their shine with passing time, so instead of changing them, an economical way is to get tile polishing and marble polishing. Additionally, when we bring in dirty shoes, they might bring a pungent smell along with them. With tile or marble cleaning, you may get rid of all these problems. Furthermore, floor cleaning is vital for beautifying floor and to build a positive environment. Also, cleaning floor is a part of hygiene which helps us to live a better life.

Kam Kaj Floor Cleaning Services

Kam Kaj offers a wide variety of commercial and residential floor cleaning services and makes sure that your environment is sending a positive and welcoming message! Our comprehensive commercial floor service can help prevent hazards that often accompany dirty floors--especially the removal of germ, dust, and harmful bacteria. We will keep your floors protected and consistently clean with our professional floor cleaning services. We have continued to provide exceptional cleaning services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that your business, institution, or organization stays safe.

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