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How it Works

Hiring expert sofa cleaners at affordable prices is easy from Kam Kaj:

  1. Select your required service, e.g., steam cleaning or refreshing,

  2. Fill our form and submit.

Kam Kaj support team will call shortly for confirmation. You can also call us directly at 0304-1111526 to talk to one of our representatives.


Standard Sofa Cleaning

Per Seat

Starting from Rs.500

Cushion Cleaning

Per Seat

Starting from Rs.200

Ottoman Sofa

Per Seat

Starting from Rs.1,000

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Competitive Rates

    Our rates are transparent and guaranteed. We don’t charge you extra for an emergency.

  • Professional Staff

    Kam Kaj ensures that each cleaner is certified and has relevant field-experienced

  • Genuine Products

    Kam Kaj uses only high-grade detergents and equipment to make your sofas shine like new!

Latest Customer Reviews

of Sofa Cleaning

The profesionalizm and dedication is unique. Further, the quality to complete the work unattended is something you dont see very often. Nice resources.
Tahir Mushtaq .
I had overall good experiences with KamKaj they complete my work in a good way my sofas are looking newly good work KamKaj.
Sahil Thakur .
I am satisfied with KamKaj and I will Call KamKaj for my other work also, KamKaj is a good services provider.
Rahat Baqir
excellent and professional service. Mr sadaqat Javaid worked with patience and made me satisfied.
Tooba Farooqi .
very good services , Sadaqat Javaid is very professional and cooperative, good going and keep it up
Saad Mushtaq .
I am very much satisfied with the services. their team is very cooperative keep it up Kamkaj.
Mrs Zubair .
I had a good cleaning team experience with KamKaj, good work kamkaj.
Mahnoor .
I had a good experience with KamKaj. I am satisfied with Kam Kaj.
Hina Ghazanfer
I am very much satisfied with KamKaj team to keep it up kamkaj
Mrs Talha .
I am a little satisfied with KamKaj, KamKaj cleans my sofa completely.
Rana Khalid .

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