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Need Water Dispenser Repair

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How it Works

Hiring professional dispenser repairmen with Kam Kaj is easy. Simply;

  1. Select your required service, e.g., gas leakage issue,

  2. Fill the form and submit.

Kam Kaj team will confirm your appointment shortly. You can also call us at 0304-1111526 to get more information about your needs.


Visit to Diagnose


Starting from Rs.500

Gas Re-Filling


Starting from Rs.2,500

Compressor Replacement


Starting from Rs.4,000

Compressor Repair


Starting from Rs.4,000

Cold Water Issue


Starting from Rs.3,000

Hot Water Issue


Starting from Rs.3,000

Earthing Issue


Starting from Rs.1,500

Part Replacement


Starting from Rs.1,000

Door Issue


Contact us for a price

Leakage Issue


Starting from Rs.500

Panel Issue


Starting from Rs.2,000

Circuit Issue


Starting from Rs.2,000

Other Issues


Starting from Rs.500

Why Kam Kaj?

  • Verified Dispenser Repairmen

    We only hire the best technicians who are experienced and trained.

  • Original Parts & Equipment

    We use original parts such as Freon gas.

  • Service Guarantee

    Kam Kaj gives you a 7-day service guarantee.

Latest Customer Reviews

of Water Dispenser Repair

I am satisfied with your service and I will recommend to you all next time also and will post my recommends your facebook page also.
Sardar Nadeem Bashir
good wark
Mushtaq Ahmed .
good job
Arbaz Alam .

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Dispenser Repair Services Does Kam Kaj Offer?

As listed above, we offer a plethora of repair services for dispensers. However, this list is by no means inclusive. If there is any repair work that you need, but isn’t listed, you can explain the details of your job when posting a job. Our service-range extends to many major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

How Often Should I Get My Dispenser Serviced?

Kam Kaj recommends that you have a professional maintain, repair, and clean your dispenser every 3 months.

Does Kam Kaj Offer 24/7 Dispenser Repair Service Near Me?

Kam Kaj offers repair services near you from 10 AM up to 10 PM. However, exceptions can be made for emergencies*. For further information, contact the Kam Kaj team.
*extra charges may be applicable

How Much Will It Cost to Repair or Maintain My Dispenser?

The cost of repairing or maintaining your dispenser depends on numerous factors such as model of your unit and the problem it faces. Kam Kaj offers cost-effective solutions for all such problems.

Do Kam Kaj Repairmen Have Original Dispenser Parts?

Yes. Our team of surveyors are always on the look out for original and cost-effective parts in the market to ensure maximum quality for money.

My Dispenser Isn’t Cooling – What Could Be the Problem?

There might be a number of issues that could lead to your dispenser not cooling, including leaked refrigerant gas, faulty fan motor, leaky condenser coils, etc.

Liquid Is Dripping Off My Dispenser – What Does It Mean?

Dropping liquid under or behind your dispenser could mean that there is a leak in your unit’s evaporator coil, or a clogged frost drain. You should immediately turn off your unit and hire a professional from Kam Kaj.

My Dispenser is Making Too Much Noise – What Could It Mean?

Noisy operation is not normal for any HVACR equipment. The noise might be an indication of a broken fan blade, faulty compressor, or a leaky coil. You should hire a professional immediately to diagnose the dispenser completely.

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