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Heatwave In Karachi: What Should You Do?

Apr 11,2020 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

heatwave in Karachi

Coronavirus lockdown has already left many Pakistanis out of their jobs and now a new terror has been predicted for the residents of Karachi. A two-days heatwave has been forecasted by the Meteorological Department that will begin today on Saturday. The people of Karachi are advised to get ready and prepare for a hot weakened. In this blog, we'll tell you how heatwaves happen and what Kam Kaj is offering the people of our port city in these circumstances. Kam Kaj has already pledged to serve its customers during coronavirus pandemic and we will not hesitate to provide quality services during heatwave in Karachi. In this blog, we will tell you how you can save yourself from a hot wave.

What is a heatwave?

There are many scientific and non-scientific definitions of a heatwave. A heatwave is normally measured as compared to the normal weather in any particular area and relative to usual temperatures for the season. A period of abnormally and uncomfortably hot and usually humid weather can be termed as a heatwave. It is a period of excessively hot season, hotter and more humid than general temperature.

Causes of heatwave in Karachi:

heatwave in KarachiWhat are the factors that could bring a heatwave in Karachi? We know that, in 2015 CE, a heatwave attack killed some 2,000 people in our beloved port city. On June 20 that year, the temperature in Larkana, Turbat and Sibi was recorded to be 49 degree Celsius. Karachi - the financial hub of Pakistan - broke the record when its highest temperature (45 degree Celsius) since 1979 CE was measured in 2015 CE. Unfortunately, as heatwave in Karachi coincided with the holy month of Ramadan, the death toll increased as people got exhausted and dehydrated rapidly. Heatwave of 2020 CE isn't gonna be as harsh as the one that happened 5 years ago. But we still need to learn what causes a hot wave.

The Director General of PEPA (Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency) accused the following factors for the rapid heatwave in Karachi:

(1) Global climate change: The climate change was furiously denied by major political figureheads of the world but now the cries of scientists all over the world have been heard and accepted. The world is joining forces to counter the effects of climate change and global warming. Earth's temperature has risen 0.7 degree Celsius during the last 100 years due to which we're seeing many seasonal anomalies. Glaciers are melting and earthquakes are more often now. The earth is dying slowly because human beings are busy destroying its environment. Kam Kaj believes that we must all be environmental-friendly and struggle to save our precious ecosystem otherwise we will leave behind a cruel world for our descendants to live in.

(2) Deforestation: Forests inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. They are major factors behind environmental stability throughout our beautiful planet. We don't even realize how indebted we are to the forests of Amazon, Australia and Africa for keeping our planet secure. These trees and plants work to make our wold pollution-free and deforestation can lead to a heavily polluted planet. There is a reason why Mr. Beast ran a campaign to plant millions of trees and even Elon Musk pitched in.

(3) Expansion of road vehicles: These asphalt super-highways catch more heat and are responsible for making the city hotter. Asphalt has a very bad reputation for heating up the planet because of a something called the “urban heat island effect” in which the heat is reflected back into the atmosphere.

(4) Rapid urbanization: The buildings are made of concrete and act as heat receptors. Cement in concrete emits carbon dioxide and is also harmful. Karachi is a big city with many urban centers throughout the metropolis. Due to concrete, we have a high greenhouse effect here.

How to survive heatwave in Karachi?

heatwave in Karachi

Although this heatwave isn't gonna be as deadly as the one 5 years ago. It is expected to start today and be over by Sunday. But you still need to be armed with knowledge about the potential dangers of this ongoing heatwave in Karachi. Here is what you need to know on urgent basis:
(1) Wear weather-appropriate dress. Something loose and light-colored will work just fine. As you know, dark colors are good receptors of heat (ever heard of black body radiations?) but white colors will save you from heating up.

(2) Stay home (due to both coronavirus and heatwave in Karachi). If you need to go outside, grab some sunglasses and a hat. Protect your skin with a sunscreen (and also wash your hands).

(3) No need to take part in some heavy-duty outdoor activities. Take frequent breaks in shade. Try to cool the heat off by resting if you feel as if your heart is pounding very hard. 

(4) When you're body is overheated, it tries to cool it off with perspiration. That's God's way of telling you that you need to calm down and rest for a bit. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.  Drink something even if you're not thirsty. But stay away from ice-cold water. You won't survive heatwave in Karachi if you drink cold drinks.

(5) When you're home, stay in a room that has air-conditioning or a fan. If you are having problems with your AC or fan, call Kam Kaj and our professionals will repair them for you. We'll even install an AC for you if you need help.

(6) Use some wet towel, handkerchief or cloth to tie over your head. It has a nice cooling effect. Take a shower to help your body get rid of that excess heat.

(7) Eat heat-free food. Don't use oven or microwave to cook your meals. If possible, eat fruits and vegetables. Also, don't use those yellow light bulbs. They use up too much heat. Moreover, protein-rich meal makes your body produce more heat so avoid it as well.

(8) Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

(9) Learn to differentiate between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat exhaustion has the following symptoms: pale skin, sweating, rapid heart rate, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting & fainting. Heat stroke can be recognized by: all the symptoms of heat exhaustion but with dry skin and no sweating.

heatwave in Karachi

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