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How Advertisements Shape Our Minds?

Jun 17,2021 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

There is no denying the fact that we are living in a world where media and its many roots have touched the peak of our lives. People may not have food in their homes, but they must have a television. 
The Internet and smartphones have made it possible that every, and all media coverage is available to anyone who is looking for required content? This kind of power also comes with significant influence, high profiled people and politicians fear media as if any of their wrong actions may be caught on the lens.

Their future and career are ruined forever. Advertisements are a huge part of media, and one can even say it is the roots of media because they are the reason behind every penny media ever makes. You may have noticed that during the time of election gets closer many political ads to begin to resurface on television. 

Conscious or Unconscious decision?

But let us start by understanding the meaning of the term "advertisement." What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of the word “advertisement?”
Well, mostly we just answer by saying something like “they are trying to sell us something.” Even though we are subconsciously aware of the purpose of the advertisement, why do we still fall victim to their goals and ambition?
Why do we still buy stuff that is probably not all that good for us and continuously intoxicate our bodies with it? 

Something To Think About

It is something that makes you think how so many of our life choices are based on advertisements. How would we know about the next new thing, about the upcoming new product without the ads?
They shape our minds sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly but they are indeed everywhere, and we certainly cannot escape it. Let us understand where the advertisement takes its shape that is known to us today. "Advertising" got from the Latin word "Advertiser" which intends to turn.

However, the definition by American Marketing Association makes it any paid type of non-individual introduction of thought. The preeminent critical reason for a commercial is to offer merchandise yet, how can it coin the idea? In current society, the market and their methodologies are happened to be the joint endeavor of the organizations that promote towards the customers. Their publicizing is to welcome the motivation to purchase the specified product.

You understand where I am going with this. You know that cool, morally attractive soda advertisement and the purpose of that whole advertisement is to make you think like: yes, anything is possible with that one bottle or can of diabetics. Or there is that another ad where the importance of relationship is sold along with preservatives filled spices and well trust me here when I say any homemaker would know that dirt on clothes is never a good idea, never!

You Have Got Nowhere to Run

But still, we go ahead at the beginning of the month to the grocery store and fill the whole shopping cart with above mention things. Just to ease your mind let me tell you something, you are not at fault here. All of the advertisements are designed by a group of people who specialized in the human psyche, in short, they know how to play with your mind so that you would buy stuff. Try to remember this next time when you are tempted to buy the really expensive phone that you probably don’t need. 

Advertisements are much more than you can imagine, even though you think you are smart enough to get away with it, in reality, you cannot. They are everywhere, anywhere your eyes turn they are present to influence your brain.

Advertisements are the backbone of media, without the power and money of advertisement any form of media is useless. You won’t be getting any of your dose of entertainment without them. So even though you plan to avoid television, radio, billboard, etc. you can’t possibly imagine avoiding your beloved internet. Trust the brand that can help you. Such as kamkaj.pk, brands like these are nothing without public support.

Final Thoughts

In the world, we are living in today, with multiple social networking websites and apps they happen to be the biggest source of advertisement and marketing. Many of these apps and social media go as far as recording your web history and cater the advertisement to your need. It is the most tangled web you can imagine, and there is no getting out of it. 

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