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kam kaj Stands With Mental Health Awareness Stance

Jun 17,2021 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

It’s okay if you’re having trouble finding motivation right now. There’s a lot of stuff swirling around, and it’s perfectly valid to feel overwhelmed, however, that might manifest for you.

Rather than beating yourself up over the things you didn’t accomplish, try to use gentle language towards yourself, the world is not going to end you are doing your best. You are struggling, and that’s okay. You are imperfect, and that’s okay, no one can be truly perfect. Our imperfection makes us the individuals that we are


Maybe you didn’t do that thing that needs to be done--guess what, you’re still enough. You still deserve to be here and you deserve to thrive. You are still valuable, and loved, and needed.


Respect the boundaries your mind and body are setting at this time: it might feel bad right now, but eventually, things will get better, and you will achieve your goals faster if you treat yourself with the kindness you deserve. 


Everyone is different and that's okay.


What may be a huge issue for someone, or might be a trivial thing for you, or vice versa. What may make someone very happy might be something quite normal for you. That's okay.




Everyone is leading their own life. All lives are different from one another, even if by a small fraction. Nobody knows what you're experiencing. Similarly, you don't know what someone could be going through. 


Keep yourself kind. To yourself and others. We all deserve it.


Embrace yourself...as you are. Who you are today is the result of several past experiences that you've gone through. 


All of that comes together to make you who you are.

Constantly work on yourself to be better. But remember to embrace the qualities you have since the beginning or have developed in the process of life. 


Learn to love yourself. Learn to be you





What most people get wrong: psychotic is a synonym for evil and twisted. Psychotic means someone who is affected by psychosis, which means experiencing a break from reality and not being able to tell what is and isn’t real.

It often manifests in the form of delusions and/or hallucinations. It’s a symptom of several mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Being psychotic means that there are times when you have trouble telling reality apart from your delusions/hallucinations. Being psychotic doesn’t inherently make you violent or evil or unsympathetic or abusive in any way. Being psychotic doesn’t make you a bad person.

Associating the word psychotic with intentionally harming other people is incredibly ableist and harmful to people struggling with psychosis, who are already heavily stigmatized because they struggled with their mental health. Please stop using psychotic as a synonym for evil or crazy.



Never feel like you are a burden on anyone for asking for help. When you muster up the strength to ask for help, it means you identify the problem (and that self-awareness is great) and you want to get it fixed. Asking for help shows your power and makes you a fighter.

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