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A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Home Pest Free

Apr 09,2019 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

80 percent of pests, viruses, and diseases have been introduced from agricultural and cosmetic imports from all over the world. Pests such as aphidsmealybugsAmerican boll wormthrips, etc. aren’t domestic to Pakistan, but have flourished in the country’s diverse weather and rich earth, regardless. Pakistan has recently adopted the bold move of making sure every import consignment is subjected to numerous fumigation services before entering the country.

Import agents now use chemical and organic fumigation procedures in order to tackle the constant growth of pests in Pakistan. The residential and commercial sector isn’t far behind the agricultural sector in being harassed by pests, either. Termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, wasps, and many other pests are a problem for many citizens!

Green Caterpillar
Image Source: https://www.maxpixel.net/Macro-Head-Butterfly-Caterpillar-Nature-Green-1254310

We asked the expert fumigators at Kam Kaj how we can control pest populations in our home and offices, and they gave us the following tips;

Store Food Properly

Food stored in sealed glass containers
Image Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1556225

Improperly stored food can become a dinner party for pests such as cockroaches, rodents, and ants. Whether storing cooked or uncooked food, dry fruits, baked goods, or any other edible that might attract pests, make sure you seal the storage container and put it somewhere relatively inaccessible. A fridge or a tight cupboard/cabinet is a good example. 

Ants and cockroaches aren’t fond of cinnamon, cayenne (red chilli), or coffee grounds – something you can store in your cabinets to control pests.

Seal Cracks & Crevices

Cracks and small holes in wall
Image Source: https://www.mountainhome.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/309544/swarms-of-miller-moths-flutter-in-to-bug-mountain-home-afb/

Pests are always on the lookout for any opportunity to enter homes, be it from gaps, window sills, wall cracks, or even the roof! These cracks and crevices can also act as a safe haven for them against bug sprays or your fly swatters. 

You should thoroughly inspect your house’s walls, roof, plumbing, and tiles for cracks. Flies, mosquitoes, lizards, rodents, ants, termites, bed bugs, and all pests of the sort can hide in these cracks and reproduce until you have no recourse but to hire professional rodent exterminators, termite pest control services or other reputable pest control companies. It is important to examine the exterior as well as interior of your house for any cracks. The best time for that is night-time, when you can check for any light leaking out from your house.

It is important you hire professional fumigators for an annual pest control service and regular maintenance of your house. For guaranteed quality service, we recommend you hire expert fumigators from Kam Kaj.

Cover Trash In Bins & Dispose It Properly

Sealed green trash bin
Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ukanc_-_trash_bin.jpg

Whether it’s leftover food, fruit peels, drink cans, or a piece of paper, you should always make sure you put your trash into a dustbin and keep it sealed tightly. Bats, mice, rats, feral cats and dogs, and many other pests can feast on your leftovers and waste. If they find food in your trash, they are bound to stick around, hoping for more.

While most people don’t think of cats or dogs as pests, feral animals usually carry fleas or ticks, that can find their way into your home and cause an infestation.

De-Clutter Your House

A Messy Room
Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tobin/2662652741

A cluttered house can provide hiding places to numerous pest such as cockroaches, flies, moths, and mosquitoes, which can in turn invite predatory pests such as brown geckos, wasps, etc.  Be sure to de-clutter your house by regularly doing the laundry, washing dishes, taking out the trash, and keeping everything in order. Newspapers, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and clothes are ideal hiding places for pests. 

Bed bugs and termites can spread exponentially in cluttered places, so be sure to regularly clean your living space!

Avoid Standing Water

Mosquito breeding on fresh water
Image Source: http://www.publicdomainfiles.com/show_file.php?id=13477526418190

Standing water, be it in buckets, in swimming pools, fountains, or in a nearby pond is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes (especially dengue). They lay eggs on the surface, giving larvae enough water to reach maturity. Other pests such as spiders, flying termites, ants, mice, rats, etc. need only a drop of water to survive for a whole week! 

You should make conscious efforts to remove standing water near you. You can hire professionals to install gutters and check your plumbing lines regularly to make sure water doesn’t stand still near your house or office. For guaranteed quality plumbing services, we recommend you hire professionals from Kam Kaj. 

Keep Bushes, Grass, & Trees Trimmed

Trimming tree
Image Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/772259

Tree branches touching your walls or dried leaves falling in your home can give pests a direct route into your house. By regularly trimming your trees and bushes, you not only reduce the number of dried out leaves carrying pests, you also make it more difficult for ants and rodents to climb into your house.

Grass and mulch give shelter to most pests in the day and become a water source for them in the night. Mice, ants, wasps, bees, worms, and other pests can dig into the ground and harbour themselves under the cover of grass. 

You should regularly trim your trees and shrubs and keep them at least 1 foot away from your house, while the grass shouldn’t grow longer than 2-3 inches. 

Try Natural Pest Prevention Methods

If there is a certain pest troubling you, there are several at-home non-toxic pest control methods that you can employ. These solutions are often inexpensive and are centred around household items. Keep in mind, though, that these methods aren’t fool-proof and are preventive methods only. These methods aren’t a substitute for your annual fumigation appointment. 

Cinnamon, Cayenne, & Coffee Grounds

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/spices-ingredients-seasoning-food-2105541/

Ants, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests are repulsed by the sweet-sour smell of cinnamon, while the bitter smell of coffee grounds and cayenne is relatively toxic to their biology. You can place these items at regular intervals in your lawn or windowsills to block their entry.

Peppermint Oil

Cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil serve as the perfect deterrent for spiders. The oil’s sour smell is repugnant to them, keeping them away from home.


Peppermint plant
Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/basil-herbs-food-fresh-cooking-932079/

Basil is a culinary plant native to South Asia. In Pakistan, it is more commonly known as “Nyaz-bo,” and is a close relative of “Tulsi.” This plant gives out a bitter-sweet fragrance that repels flies and mosquitoes effectively.

Egg Shells

While some believe that brown geckos stay away from egg shells because of their ‘territorial’ nature and when they see egg shells they believe this territory belongs to another animal, some argue that the only reason egg shells repel brown geckos so effectively is its smell. It is a good idea to put cinnamon along with the eggshells as well.

A broken egg
Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/egg-cracked-ingredient-cooking-1460404/

There are a lot of different home remedies and plants you can use to repel pests. We will list them in a different post soon and update the link here. 

What If Pests Are Already In My House?

The tips mentioned above are only preventive measures, not pest extermination methods. If pests have somehow managed to find their way into your house, you should immediately seek professional help. Never procrastinate when it comes to hiring fumigators for your pest problem, since it can lead to numerous hygiene issues. Mosquitoes, ticks, and bed bugs have been known to lay eggs under human skin in some cases, while cockroaches can introduce germs into your food and lead to disease. 

To get guaranteed quality fumigation services in Karachi, we recommend you to hire professionals from Kam Kaj. We can help you get rid of mice in your home, ants, mosquitoes, bats, or any other pest quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today for a quick solution to all your pest-related problems!


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