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Collaboration with Aman foundation

Kam Kaj - Press Room

Kam Kaj - Admin

Last updated: September 18, 2018

Kam Kaj is pleased to announce their continued growth and collaboration with Aman foundation. Kam Kaj continues to thank their loyal customers and word of mouth referrals to which they attribute the latest growth along with the company’s promise of the premier quality and service for everyone.

Kam Kaj with Aman foundation life-long friends who joined forces to deliver high quality workmanship with superior service and to bring a change in lives of the hundreds and thousands of professionals who are skilled but jobless, or have to wander a lot to get a customer case that other company wouldn’t accept with the goal “Get It Done Get It Right” Kam Kaj has grown into a trusted Aman foundation that will provides us professional crews with the addition of complete services.

Kam Kaj promises each service, is planned to meet the specific needs of each customer and is delivered with exceptional quality, unmatched service, and competitive pricing. From simple handyman jobs to electricians, health jobs to wellness, business job to craft and tailoring. Kam Kaj customer satisfaction with their Five Star Guarantee Because of this continued growth.

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