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7 Reasons Why A Mani-Pedi Is Must!

Jul 16,2021 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

While manicures and pedicures are an exceptional way to feel indulged, their benefits go much beyond pampering yourself. 

Regular mani-pedi treatments are a must treatment, not only to achieve a well-groomed look but also to keep your nails healthy and glowing. Let’s look at the top 7 reasons why regularly attending to your hands and feet is vital.

It Eliminates Tan

If you have just restored from a lovely beach holiday, don’t try to cover up your tan lines with long-sleeved clothing and enclosed shoes. 

Instead, right away book a mani-pedi session at your earliest! And you don't even have to step a foot outside because Kam Kaj comes to you.

The combination of exfoliation and soaking your hand and feet in warm water removes stubborn tan marks, thus unveiling your natural skin tone.

It Keeps Your Nails Healthy

Besides working hard for us, our hands and feet are always exposed to a lot of dirt, residue, and pollutants that can form up under our nails and cause some serious problems.

Routine mani-pedi sessions remove dirt from under your nails and hard-to-reach places. Keeping your nails strong and healthy. This in turn will reduce your chances of getting any sort of infection.

It Stimulates Blood Flow

The act of soaking your hands and feet in warm water and getting a refreshing massage at the end of the treatment promotes blood flow.

Gentle exfoliation with a scrub also increases the blood flow, which gives your skin a healthy and rejuvenated look.

It Exfoliates Dead Cells

The build-up of dead cells leads to rough skin and calluses.
Which not only look hideous but also could cause pain if not taken care of properly.

Exfoliating with a gentle scrub and actively cleaning using shampoo and a stiff brush will slough off dead cells, leaving your skin smooth and even.

It Reduces Stress

Have some soothing music in your surrounding during your mani-pedi session. It will help you drift away from your troubles as a skillful beautician will work on your tired hands and feet.

Soaking them in warm water infused with essential oils and bath salts with the combination of getting a gentle massage will help you relax and be at peace.

It Assures Soft and Smooth Skin

After exfoliation of dead cells, clear and smooth skin is revealed. Your beautician will gently massage your hands and feet with a moisturizing lotion to leave them feeling soft.

Massaging a hydrating moisturizer deep into your skin helps calm and soften it for hours after your therapy.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your hands and feet with regular mani-pedi therapies can help you look more presentable and well-groomed. An expert will clip, clean, buff, polish, and paint your nails. They can also remove cuticles and calluses and instantly enhance your appearance.

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