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10 Most Common Electrical Problems To Keep In Mind

Apr 15,2019 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

Pakistan’s irregular electricity supply has resulted in many problems for residents on top of the otherwise inconvenient conditions it creates. This includes fried electrical appliances, blown fuses, sparks, etc. These electrical problems aren’t just a concern for people in Karachi but all over Pakistan as a whole.

However, the government isn’t always to blame. Sometimes the problem exists within the circuit fitted in house. These circuits might be older versions that weren’t designed to bear the load of modern electrical appliances. 

Safety and comfort is one of the main factors to keep in mind when considering to buy or install household electrical appliances. Unusually high bills, flickering lights, sparking sounds, unprecedented humming, or other damage to appliances at home or office might mean the wiring needs to be looked at. 

Before you read on about the 10 common electrical problems around the house, we would like to advise you to never conduct electrical work without proper knowledge of what you’re doing. Diving into electrical work with insufficient knowledgeability can be life threatening. 

You should always hire professional electricians to help you with all your electrical problems. Simply search for ‘electricians near me’ to hire one from Kam Kaj today!

1. Overloaded Points

Burned Overloaded Point

Whether it is a light fixture, fan outlet, socket, or even the circuit board itself, overloading is just a matter of which appliance you choose to run on it. A light fixture designed for an 80-watt energy saver wouldn’t fair well if you install a 100 watt LED light on it.

Doing so can lead to overloaded points and overheated wires. This can result in sparks and cause electrical fires. Even after you realise your mistake and remove the LED light, the socket and wires will still be damaged and dangerous.

It is always a good idea to fit a bulb or any other fitting of below or intended wattage. If you do wish to install a heavier electrical appliance, we suggest you hire electricians online from Kam Kaj for guaranteed quality services.

2. Power Surges & Dips

Surge Breaker

While power surges can be because of poor wiring in the house, loose joints, lightning strikes, faulty appliances, damaged power lines, or even an overloaded power plant, power dips occur due to faulty power grips, or low quality material used on power grids.

Surges are a lot more common than dips and last for a microsecond but this microsecond can cost you thousands of rupees if you aren’t prepared for it with a stabilizer.

Dips, on the other hand, are relatively uncommon, and last longer. While they don’t have much impact on inverter technology, dips can damage your home’s grid, wiring, or even damage low quality circuit boards (such as those with aluminium wiring). 

While sags aren’t as dangerous, surges can lead to fires or even cause several appliances to explode! If you are experiencing surges or dips at home, you should call Kam Kaj electricians immediately for quick and cost-effective solutions to your problems.

3. Exposed Junction Box

Exposed Junction Box

If a junction box is exposed to the elements, animals or pests can get access to it and might end up nibbling on a wire or loosening it up. 

The exposed wires also pose a threat to humans, who might get shocked if they touch the wires accidentally. Kam Kaj electricians can help you cover the exposed junction boxes the right way, making sure the covers are grounded in the process.

4. Flickering Lights

Flickering Blub

While most of the times flickering lights mean that its time for the fixture to be replaced, if the light keeps on flickering, you might be facing loose cables. This can not only decrease the life of your fixtures drastically but can also present a fire hazard.

If your lights burn out too often, you should check for the following issues:

  • High wattage
  • Improper insulation 
  • Poor wiring 
  • Faulty switch

You should call a Kam Kaj expert immediately to have a look at what the problem is with your flickering light and get it fixed.

5. Faulty Switches

Switches or sockets installed in an unprofessional manner or if the quality of products is sub-par, you might find them wobbling or not working from time to time. These problems can be because of faulty wiring as well.

In order to get to the bottom of this issue, you should consider hiring a professional.

6. Tripping Circuit Breaker


When there are high power consuming items in the house running simultaneously, chances are that your circuit breaker might get tripped. This is usually a good sign, indicating that your house is protected against power surges.

However, if the breaker trips rather frequently, it might be suggestive of an underlying problem in your circuit. 

There are numerous reasons for frequently tripping breakers, and to properly diagnose the problem, we recommend hiring professional electricians in Karachi or other major cities in Pakistan from Kam Kaj only.

7. Reliance On Extension Board

Unorganized Switch Board

Nowadays most of the houses have extension cords and power strips and rely heavily on them. If you don’t use heavy load extension cords at home or office, there is a higher risk of an overload.

It is therefore advised to get more and more outlets installed at home or office with the help of Kam Kaj electricians.

8. Electric Shocks

If you suffer an electric shock when switching on or off a device, the issue might be with your appliance’s switch – somehow it has become conductive. However, if you’re getting electric shocked while using your appliances normally, it might be due to loose wiring or improperly grounded appliances.

To get the issue diagnosed properly, we recommend to hire one of our electricians take a look at your home’s wiring and resolve the issue quickly.

9. No Or Faulty RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker)

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

An RCCB, known commonly as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) in Pakistan, is used to protect your house from surges in the main power line. It breaks the circuit if there is residual current flowing back or excess current flowing into your house. 

By installing an ELCB properly in your house, you can ensure protection against direct or indirect electricity contact, electrical fires, and protecting your grounding wires from corrosion.

10. Aluminium Wiring

Aluminium Wiring

Not too long ago, aluminium was the go-to material for making a cheap substitute for copper. It worked well in the late 1900s when Pakistan first saw electricity, and was a viable option since there were no heavy appliances in use. Electricity was used in fans and lights only. Even the irons used natural gas at that time!

Now, however, aluminium is no longer viable since it corrodes when it comes in contact with copper-based nodes under electrical discharge. This corrosion leads to connections loosening up, ultimately leading to fires.

If your house was built in the 1980s or even the early 2000s, there might be some aluminium wiring done at your place. If so, you should immediately hire professionals from Kam Kaj to retrofit your house with copper or silver wires.

Never take electrical problems lightly, regardless of its intensity. You should call a professional electrician at the slightest hint of trouble. Kam Kaj electricians are all well-versed and trained from reputable skill-institutions on top of having years of experience under their belts which they can use to give you cost-effective and high quality solutions to all your electrical service requirements.

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