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The Importance Of Water Tank Cleaning

Apr 24,2019 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

Pakistan, much like many developing countries, is running short on fresh water according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR). Experts suspect that by 2025, Pakistan will run out of fresh water and only have contaminated water – a direct result of uncleanliness near water storage areas and lack of regular water tank cleaning.

Water is the source of life for all humans and animals and is useful for numerous purposes – especially drinking. These days, water is stored in underground and overhead water tanks. Although these areas remain covered, foreign objects, pests, and other eukaryotic organisms such as algae and bacteria can still find their way into these tanks if not maintained properly.

watering pump
Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tank_cleaning.jpg

There are several specified tools that you might need if you wish to clean your overhead tank on your own such as a UV light, dewatering pump, and so on, therefore it is usually financially a good idea to hire professional water tank cleaners for the job.

We asked Kam Kaj experts about the importance of getting our water tank cleaned, how we know its time to clean them, and what happens if we neglect out water tanks for a while. Following are some tips they gave us to keep our water source healthy;

Indications That You Need To Get Your Water Tank Cleaned?

Experts recommend that you get your water tank cleaned at least once every year to make sure no foreign objects settle on the walls or at the bottom. However, there might be times where you might need to clean water tanks more often due to dead animals, rust, or pests. Following are some of the indicators that can tell you that its time to get your water tank washed.

Image Source: https://www.aviano.af.mil/News/Articles/News-Display/Article/280519/aviano-airmen-tackle-dirty-jobs/

Foul odour

Water stored for long periods can give off a repugnant smell – indicative of formation of bacterial colonies on top of your stored water and sediments and minerals reacting to water and hydrogen. Although the foul odour doesn’t necessarily mean the water is harmful to your health, the smell might keep you from drinking the water.

The most common culprit of the foul odour is hydrogen sulphide – a gas released by bacterial colonies due to change in temperature of the water.

Bad taste

Most mineral water companies in Pakistan such as NestleAquafinaCulligan, etc., use an iron-rich material – Spatone Iron-Plus – to make up for the water’s iron content. This iron is what gives water a metallic taste and is one of the most important and dominant minerals found in water. This metallic taste can change over time, indicating the mixture of alien minerals into your water due to improper cleaning of your water tank. 

While most of these extra minerals are harmless and exit naturally from the body, sometimes heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cobalt, etc., can also mix in water and can lead to heavy metal poisoning. If you notice bad taste in your water, you should immediately clean your water tank. For your interest of saving time and money, we recommend you hire professional water tank cleaners from Kam Kaj for guaranteed quality services.

Different colour:

Different colour of water
Image Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/801601

Water is supposed to be clear and once you set it stationary in a glass, you should be able to see sediments settle down at the bottom. If, however, you find that your water is slightly rusty or any other colour and is leaving stains on your glass, it might mean excess iron in your water. Although iron improves oxygen circulation in the blood, excess can lead to numerous other problems ranging from excess bleeding all the way to kidney failure!

Colours other than rusty might mean there is some other impurity in your water. Green, for example means formation of algae in your water tank. You should immediately get your water tested and if tank is dirty contact your water supplier and get your water tank cleaned by professionals. For quality water tank cleaning, we recommend you hire professionals from Kam Kaj only.

What Causes My Water Tank To Get Dirty?

As mentioned above, there are numerous reasons why a water tank can get dirty, including poor plumbing, cracks in the tank, or even some sort of opening allowing dust into the tank! When asked, Kam Kaj expert told us that the following were the most common reasons for a dirty water tank in Pakistan. 


Algae in Water Tank
Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Borehole_Algae.jpg

Algae can form in water tanks if water is left undisturbed for too long or if there is little to no sunlight in the tank. 

Dead Animals

If your water tank isn’t completely sealed, it is bound to draw animals. Crows, pigeons, cats, and other animals can come to drink from your water tank and fall into the water, ultimately getting trapped inside. If they die inside the tank, their body starts disintegrating in the tank and can lead to chemical reactions that can render the whole water supply toxic. 


Sediments in Water Tank
Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biogenic_silica#/media/File:Diatomaceous_Earth_BrightField.jpg

If left uncleaned for long, water tanks can accumulate sediments which dissolve into water each time you refill it. Although the amount is minute at the start, it can add up to finally be extremely hazardous to the human health.

Insects, Droppings, & Larvae

Insects can find their way into your water tank regardless of how man preventive measures you take. These can be ants, spiders, mosquitoes, or other insects from the Gerridae family. Once settled, they are bound to lay droppings and eggs in the water which can increase so much in number over the long run that they will start flowing through your plumbing and to your taps.

In order to keep your water clean and hygienic, we recommend you hire professionals to clean your water tank at least once every year, and for guaranteed quality services, hire professionals from Kam Kaj.

Hazards Of Neglecting A Dirty Overhead Water Tank 

Internal Diseases

Keeping your water tank dirty over long periods of time can lead to impurities flowing through your pipes to your taps. This means you will bathe, wash dishes, clothes, and in some cases even drink that contaminated water, leading to waterborne diseases. Pathogens such as E. Coli,  SARS, iron bacteria, parvoviruses, and many others can find their way into your tank and cause diseases. Diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, and other waterborne diseases have taken thousands of lives in the past where water sanitation wasn’t as advanced. 

Sometimes, malaria can also be transmitted through the water. Therefore along with keeping your tank clean, you should keep the lid of your tank tightly shut.

Haramful Water
Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_supply_network

External diseases

Contaminated water can also lead to external, dermatological diseases. These include skin cancer, weak teeth, torn skin, nails falling off, baldness, etc.

Overhead and underground tanks are like the jugular of every house, supplying the house’s lifeline throughout. You should make sure that not only does this line stays clog-free, it stays clean and hygienic. Even without seeing the above-mentioned indicators, you should always appoint an annual water tank cleaning service regardless to ensure no build-up occurs in the tank or its plumbing.

To get guaranteed quality tank cleaning services, we recommend you hire expert cleaners from Kam Kaj, save time and live life more efficiently!

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