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Air Conditioner Install and Repair Services

Aug 13,2020 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment


Due to global warming, climate has gone hotter than ever before. With that massive change in the world, air conditioners became an essential part of our everyday lives, be it at home or in the office. Due to frequent usage of air conditioners, maintenance is required on regular basis for an extended life of your AC. Kam Kaj provides an easy solution to all your air conditioner problems by making ac installation and ac repair services available at your doorstep with just a phone call.


Often during cold weather, we tend to ignore our air conditioning services as we hardly use it. However, for it to function efficiently, regular air conditioning services are a must. If not maintained properly, we might need to replace our air conditioners frequently, which can be heavy on pocket.  Some common issues that your air conditioner may face are refrigerant leakage, frozen evaporator cells, fan problems, ac not blowing cold air, and drainage problem etc.


Where Can You Find Kam Kaj AC Services


Whether you require an AC repair service or air conditioning installation, Kam Kaj’s highly skilled professionals in Lahore and Karachi are just a call away. Moreover, we are expanding and planning to provide air conditioning services to people all over Pakistan. Our professionals are trained in advanced technologies and they are well versed about. If you do not want to change your AC in near future, or you plan to install a new one, book our ac install and repair services now!


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