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How Do I Know My Home Needs Electrical Rewiring?

Apr 15,2019 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

The number of electrical fires in Pakistan are rising by the day. Most of these can be attributed to preventable circumstances such as improper wiring, overloaded wires, workarounds, etc. According to the Pakistan Engineering Council and the Fire Prevention Agency of Pakistan, fire trucks respond each year to more than 25,900 home electrical fires all over Pakistan. This figure isn’t the full account, considering many times these fires are put out with the help of armed forces’ fire departments, who refuse to disclose the number of electrical fire calls. 

A number of these home electrical fires are a direct result of outlets being overloaded, while a majority of these result from improper house wiring and socket melts.

These figures are staggering, to say the least. Numerous steps can be taken to prevent this, one of them being hiring professionals for electrical rewiring in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and other major cities of Pakistan. 

The electrical system in your home may need to be repaired or updated. A complete rewiring service can help you keep your office, employees, home, and family safe.

The Warnings

Electrical systems don’t just melt down in a matter of seconds. They often let out signs of potential problems in the wiring. Following are some of the warning signs indicative of a problem in your system and that it might be time to search for ‘electrician services near me’ for an expert electrician to inspect your system:

  • Frequently tripped breakers,
  • Over-amped or over-fused electrical panels,
  • Hot or discoloured wires/plugs,
  • Dim or flickering lights,
  • Frequently blown fuses,
  • Buzzing or sparking sounds,
  • Burning smells,
  • Frequently burnt light bulbs or other fittings, signalling that the fixture is no longer able to handle the bulb wattage,
  • Cracked, cut, or broken insulation,
  • Outlets that used to be fine but are now loose (or have expanded),
  • Electrical shock when plugging or touching a cord.

If you feel that there is anything amiss, as mentioned above, with your wiring, you shouldn’t hesitate to call professional electricians for an immediate solution. We recommend hiring professionals from Kam Kaj for immediate and guaranteed quality solutions for all problems.

Rewiring Home’s Electrical Systems For Other Reasons

You shouldn’t wait for warning signs before getting expert electrician services in Karachi to rewire your home. Even if you don't notice any warning signs, you should consider getting your home inspected periodically by Kam Kaj experts. 

While most sources recommend you hire professionals once every year for a thorough inspection, we recommend you hire a professional every 2-3 years if you aren’t noticing any warning signs.

Following are some common situations that warrant an inspection from a qualified professionals, and complete rewiring as soon as you find convenient;

  • For a home 40 years or older,
  • If you've made any major home alterations or improvements. This also includes the addition of any new appliances that could put strain on your system,
  • If you have too many extension cords at home,
  • If you feel a tinge of electricity when you hold your laptop while standing on the floor (indicative of poor earthing technique)
  • If your home’s wires aren’t earthed properly,
  • If you get electric shocks turning switches on or off
  • If your home’s wires are aluminium and not copper,

You can find registered electricians near you within 90 minutes, with Kam Kaj, a convenience-platform for customers and service providers alike with more than 300 different services to offer!

So contact us today and hire electricians online for guaranteed quality services by experts at your doorstep!


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