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10 Reasons Why I Should Hire Experts From Kam Kaj

Apr 12,2019 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

In this fast-paced world, the need for quality services has become synonymous with high pricing and wide profit margins. Regardless of whether the professional hired is a single service provider or a company, these profit margins have made hiring expert help extremely difficult.

Pakistan’s inflation rates have seen drastic changes, rising beyond unprecedented levels within a span of 6 months. In 2018, the inflation rate was recorded at 3.93%, which rose to a whopping 7.48% at the start of 2019, and is now 9.41% – a figure that no prediction or forecast anticipated.

As normal economic trends would have it, inflation is supposed to see raised incomes and minimum wages, however, that is far from what’s happening. Pakistan’s minimum wage (Rs. 14,000) is no longer enough to sustain a single person, let alone a family.

When searching ‘electricians near me’, ‘AC services near me’, ‘generator repair near me’, ‘plumber near me’, or any other services on Google, if you find someone with a promise of quality, their rates might be too high. And if you find someone at low cost, they compromise on quality.

Kam Kaj, however, is a platform that endeavors to break this trend of high prices with preset and transparent prices that are well below the national average, promising high quality services thanks to its guarantees and damage insurances.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring professionals from Kam Kaj, as mentioned below.

Intricate Selection & Listing Process

To ensure our promise of high quality doesn’t go awry we have teams of professionals who evaluate each candidate for the requisite experience, skill-set, character, and numerous other criteria.

Not only do we make sure that they perform your task as per your requirements, we also certify that each individual is of sound mind and health, so as not to be an inconvenience to you.

Our selection process involves;

  1. Verifying each service provider’s history. This demands us to correspond with the police and NADRA for any criminal record or other red flags. We only associate ourselves with honest, hardworking people, so if we find any criminal history pertaining to a service provider, we screen them out immediately.
  2. Once past phase 1, we conduct a real-time interview where we judge the individual’s personality, their mental capacity, and most importantly, their knowledgeability. We test this either verbally or practically. The interview also serves to help us determine how customer-satisfaction-oriented they are.
  3. Only once okayed by our team unanimously do we list them in our database for you to find and hire. 

Extensive Training Sessions

Once a candidate has been selected and added among our ranks, we conduct regular training sessions on how to perform each task properly, from introducing themselves properly all the way to leaving the workplace clean and tidy.

Some topics our training sessions cover are;

  • Well mannered introduction
  • Patience – staying calm and focused at the task at hand and not to hurry it up because they have another task waiting. At the same time, they shouldn’t lag behind and try to finish the job as quickly as possible.
  • Cleanliness – cleaning the workplace every so often such as cleaning debris off the floor, throwing away crumpled tape, broken nails, cut wires, and such into the trash, etc.
  • Sharpness – staying alert and attentive at all times to ensure safety is never compromised.
  • Using only high quality and genuine replacement parts.
  • Keep the customer informed throughout the process unless explicitly asked not to.
  • Polite exit after making sure the customer is satisfied.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are a lot of other topics covered in the training sessions, each with the aim of offering maximum value for money to you, our customer.

Regular Quality Checks

We aren’t a profit-oriented organization but one that is committed to providing excellent services to your doorstep by bridging the gap between customers and service providers. 

This means we don’t neglect the selected candidates once they are listed, but conduct regular tests to make sure they are offering the same quality services they were listed for.

One determining factor that helps us achieve our goal of continued quality services is customer feedback. We call each customer after a certain time to ask them about their experience with our representatives and take their valuable feedback to improve our services even more!

Below-Market Rate Pricing

Kam Kaj has a team of professional surveyors who regularly inspect the market for the current pricing of services provided. Whether you need to get an AC gas refill, AC service, home rewiring, plumbing, or any other of our more than 300 different services, we always make sure our prices are well below the market rate.

Encompassing Service Range

With professional service providers from all over Pakistan, Kam Kaj enjoys a versatile range of services under its hat. Our services extend to more than 300 different services such as home and garden improvement, home tutorsevent managementbusiness administrationtailor services, and so much more.

Regardless of what you need help with, Kam Kaj can help you find expert local service providers all over Pakistan. 

Service Guarantee

One prevailing fear in most Pakistanis when hiring a service provider is that they might fix one thing but break another while doing so. This is especially the case for AC service providers, geyser repairers, and electricians.

Kam Kaj is here to stay and therefore offers an iron-clad solution for this.

We offer each customer a 07-day post-service guarantee, giving you a week to test out our work. If there is anything that you feel is amiss or not up to your specifications, we send the service provider back to fix said issue with no extra cost to you!

Damage Insurance

While our service providers are trained to be vigilant when on a job, mistakes do happen. To cover the possibility of any mistake on our service provider’s part, we offer you insurance against damages amounting up to Rs. 10,000.

Customer-Oriented Services

As mentioned above, we aren’t driven by profitability as much as by philanthropy. Kam Kaj is a platform that serves to promote honesty and hard work, curb unemployment in Pakistan, and in turn improve the country’s economy.

As one of the largest local service-provider-database in Pakistan, it is our duty to ensure no service provider takes undue advantage of our customers. Our core principles of hard work, honesty, and customer satisfaction allow us to focus on what’s important – you.

We know and understand the value of your hard-earned money and promise to offer you the most personalized and high-quality service possible so that you get the most out of your money. 

No Hidden Charges

We, at Kam Kaj, have no hidden charges when comes to our pricing. If we have listed a certain sum for our AC services, we stand by that price, regardless of the circumstances. 

If there is some other problem with your task that might increase your total cost, we tell you before we start work, giving you ample time to think about it.

Timely Services

Among the plethora of reasons why Kam Kaj is one of the best platforms for hiring service providers in Pakistan is its immense scope and vast network. This broad net enables us to give appropriated solutions to all your residential, commercial, or official problems in just under 90 minutes!

The number of service providers in Pakistan is ever-growing, and so is their demand. Every day there are countless issues within a house or office that needs a professional’s touch, be it plumbingelectricalmasonrycarpentrygardeningteachingbusiness decisions or any other.

Kam Kaj has given all these service providers one place to bundle up, empowering you, the customer, to choose which professional they’d like to hire and when.

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