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Everything You Should Know About COVID-19

Apr 01,2020 by Kam Kaj Writer Leave a Comment

Since COVID-19 started spreading, people have been proposing different theories about it. In this blog, Kam Kaj will shatter the castles of these false beliefs. If you want to mark yourself safe from COVID-19, stick to the truth. If you want to stick to the truth, stay with Kam Kaj. We're going to burst open some famous myths about coronavirus here. So, this'll be a long read.

          Myth #1: COVID-19 only kills old people

          Old people are more likely to die from coronavirus but this disease affects people of all ages. There have been instances of young people catching COVID-19 and then succumbing to it (means dying from it).

          Myth #2: It was made in a laboratory

          Some people think that COVID-19 was invented as a bio-weapon but then escaped the laboratory and started affecting the world. This is just some Hollywood-inspired theory. It has no basis. Just like every other new disease, coronavirus is also a product of evolution.

          Others claim that Bill Gates has something to do with COVID-19. They show a patent by Pirbright Institute of Surrey (England). Actually, that patent was to use avian bronchitis virus to create vaccine for people with respiratory disorders. Avian bronchitis virus is a weakened version of coronavirus that only attacks chickens. Bill Gates didn't even fund this project. He funded other projects by Pirbright Institute.

          Myth #3: This is just flu being exaggerated

          No, COVID-19 is not flu. It does have flu-like symptoms (pain, fever and cough) and have similar attributes. But its mortality rate is higher than flu. It is not just an exaggerated version of seasonal influenza. If you have flu, you will transmit it to 1.3 humans. But, if you have COVID-19, you will transmit to to 2.2 humans. That makes it deadlier than flu.

          In United States, flu has 0.1% mortality rate annually. Coronavirus is only a few months old and has killed more people than flu.

          Myth #4: Virus will die in summer

          Propagated by many politicians, this theory states that COVID-19 can't survive hot seasons. This is completely baseless as the temperature in the world doesn't remain constant and this virus has affected 200+ states. Summer does slow the spread of coronavirus but there is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 will die in May.

          Myth #5: This is the end of the world

          While some people are trying to lessen the gravity of situation, others are making it look like some sort of Armageddon. No, this pandemic isn't the deadliest in human history. More people died in Black Death but Europe managed to break through. Ebola has a higher mortality rate but Africans are still alive. 80% cases of COVID-19 are mild and its mortality rate is less than 5%.

          Myth #6: Vitamin C cures COVID-19

          No, it doesn't because it can't. Home-made remedies are ineffective against this disease. Vitamin C, essential oils, garlic and sipping water continuously don't work. Vitamin C is a necessary supplement for your immune system. It can help you fight this disease. But it's not a treatment.

          Myth #7: We all should wear face masks

          Face masks do not save you from catching COVID-19. They only stop you from spreading it. Doctors use professional/surgical masks. They are different from common/disposable masks. People who show symptoms of coronavirus, they should wear face masks. That way, they can't affect other people. You should also throw it away after using once because, well, it is disposable. If you still want to wear something legit, try N-95 respirators.

          Myth #8: It All Started With Bat Soup

          No, the bat soup video that has been circulating on the internet has nothing to do with COVID-19. It wasn't even shot in China. Coronavirus originated in Wuhan's seafood market where wildlife is sold illegally. It is possible that a bat that carried COVID-19 gave it to a mangolin and then that mangolin was eaten by a Chinese guy.

          Myth #9: Packages From China Are Deadly

          No, you can't catch COVID-19 just by receiving packages from China. This virus doesn't survive much outside a human host. No doubt, coronavirus can live on metal, glass and plastic for more than over a week. But it needs sustainable conditions to live. These conditions (humidity and lack of UV) aren't provided to COVID-19 in shipments. So, the risk of getting these germs by mail is quite low.

          Myth #10: Vaccine will be ready in a few months

          No, it doesn't take a few months to create a vaccine. If scientists keep working at a quick pace, they will invent something in a year or so. Moreover, just like all other viruses, it's also mutating. As per Darwin's theory of natural selection, the quickest virus will the most successful one. So, scientists will try to target the most successful strain of COVID-19. Chinese scientists found its two strains which they named L and S respectively. The L strain is more dangerous and is the most prevalent one too.

          Myth #11: Social distancing is stupid

          Social distancing and hand washing are the two most effective methods against this deadly disease. China has implemented social distancing in its country and now Wuhan, the birthplace of COVID-19, is reopening for normal business. So, you should listen to the government, stay home, use soap or sanitizer to wash your hands and also use disinfectants to clean your house.

          Read our previous blogs to find out which chemicals/disinfectants you can try.

          Myth #12: We can't hire handyman during lockdown

          No, you can call Kam Kaj and hire professional handyman to work for you for fair wages. You can hire plumbers, technicians, cleaners, pest controllers, electricians, tutors and even language teacher for your home. Just fill out the form, select the required job and add the name of your city. Our efficient worker will arrive right at your doorstep.

No need to be afraid of COVID-19 with Kam Kaj's reliable service.

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